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Fenris Games - The Cauldron Warband (amazing 28mm evil gribblies)


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No affiliation, just sharing this as it's a bit of a gem that more people should see!


Fenris currently have this cracking Kickstarter on for a bunch of creepy mofos.







There's some really nice stuff, I've backed for a few models and a mug (I drink tea more than I hobby at the moment!)

Good one man band to support!  :-*

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Paintybeard - Curse accepted! The money curse yes? :B):::D:



Rats nearly unlocked!

I need these for my Jo Brumby critter collection... he sculpted all my guinea pigs, bunnies, kitties.....capybara! So I like supporting people who've worked with me on the other projects they do. Also the Brumby Brothers are some of the nicest fellas around.



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