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Consult the Bones!

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Do you, like me, wish you could flip through the entire catalog of Bones miniatures with ease? Tally up exactly how many models of Gnoll there are? Look at every model of orc side-by-side? Now you can!


This spreadsheet includes (as far as I know) the entire Bones line, with images, names, tags, SKUs, and a link to the store page. I've also added a careless one-word categorization and notes on whether I want/have that particular model; please feel free to disregard.




I'll be keeping this spreadsheet up-to-date as more Bones are released, but you can also copy this to your Google drive and mangle the data however you want! You'll probably want to keep Row 2 intact, as it contains the formulas that do all the work. Important: Once the spreadsheet fetches the desired data, you're gonna want to copy-paste that data as values only, no longer relying on the formulas! If this bad boy had to calculate all that for each model every time someone opened it, it'd be bad news.


Anyway, I hope you kind folx find this as useful as I have!

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