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    • By gmvader
      With the flaming sword this miniature was an obvious candidate for me to attempt OSL. I’ve tried it half a dozen times and it usually looks terrible. I’m pretty happy with how this one came out. It's not great but it's the first one that doesn't look like I spilled paint on it.

    • By gmvader
      For some reason these cartoony looking characters inspire me to do cartoony things with them. I thought it would be fun to try blue skin.

    • By gmvader
      I wanted to try two things with this one. Paint a realistic crystal and paint an unusual hair color. I don’t feel that I succeeded on either account. It’s really hard to make opaque plastic look like translucent crystal.
      Green eyes this time, followed by working out from the skin to the outer layers.

    • By gmvader
      ’ve been experimenting with a few colors lately. Red and Green have great contrast but remind most people of Christmas. I’ve been trying to find ways to use those two colors without making people think of festivities. This is my most recent attempt.
      I started with red eyes because she looked like she was angry. From there I decided to try challenging myself again and do red skin and hair as well. I’m actually pleased with how this came out. This hair looks the best of any I’ve ever painted.
      Some of the early pictures her shield arm is unattached because I needed to be able to paint underneath it.


    • By gmvader
      This appears to be a chibi style recreation of Reaper Miniatures’ Troll-Slayer Sophie.
      As usual, I started with the eyes. With this mini I wanted to focus on blues as a theme so I started with blue eyes.

      The blue eyes seemed to call for blond hair — mostly because yellow and blue are nearly opposite on the color wheel = higher contrast.

      I like to completely finish each layer before moving on to the next. It’s an unusual method but one that works for me.
      Then the armor and wings and then finishing touches.


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