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Pathfinder Rules for Batman


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My 5 1/2 yo son is super into Batman.  I had set up a Pathfinder game for the grownups, but only filled 2/4 seats.  My son has shown a little and growing interest in tabletop gaming.  So I made some stats for Batman as a Pathfinder character and used his LEGO Batman on the battle grid.


Here are how it came out: attributes were rolled.

Race Human

Class Ranger (Urban) lvl 1

Str 16

Dex 19 (+2 human)

Con 14 

Int 13

Wis 14

Cha 8


Favored Class Ranger +1 HP

Trait: Rich Parents

Trait: Deft Dodger (+1 Reflex)

Favored Enemy Humanoid (human)

Feat - Improved Unarmed Strike

Feat Human - Exotic Weapon Prof - Shuriken


Skills - don’t remember exactly, sheet isn’t in front of me:

Acrobatics, Craft (alchemy), Disable Device, knowledge (local), perception, Survival, Stealth


Gear- I took some liberties here for flavor:

Mwk Studded Leather, Batarangs(shuriken shaped like a bat available in a lethal or non lethal variety), smoke bombs (combine thunderstone and smoke stick in one thrown item same price as both combined), Mwk thieves tools, sap, spiked gauntlets x 2 (his sharp things sticking out of his arms), Grapnel: (Light Crossbow + 50ft silk rope + Mwk grappling hook + 100gp to account for the “gnomish winch”) I would have loved to make it a hand crossbow, but didn’t want to waste two feats on exotics.  I just tacked on cost to the various gear to use up the gold from rich parents and still leave him with a good kit.


He made level two and I chose an alt. Option for weapon style: thrown weapon.  That gave him bonus feat of Precise Shot without needing Point Blank Shot, but I plan on adding it later.


Let me know what you think.


My son didn’t have the attention span to stay at the table for long: his cousins were in the pool, so he ended up there.  My friend always plays the Cleric, but he ran Batman as a second character and had a blast with it.

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Just read up on that.  I don’t have that source book, so didn’t know that existed.


I agree completely with it seeming to cry out Butman.  Ultimately I was trying to a) keep it simpler b) use the books I own, rather than Archive of Nethys.  But that Vigilante class will be a good next iteration if my son starts gaining more interest and finesse with the process.

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45 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

I'm surprised you didn't take the vigilante class



I'm Bat errr inspired by Batman!!


Cool concept thou, I do like his combat gear. It really gives the character a gadget man feel but using medieval items (or medieval as you can get with fantasy rpgs now).

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