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DragonWyrm's Work Desk (Picture Heavy)

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Since I like painting when it is dark outside I normally don't take photos, to combat this and get into the habit I am starting this thread. I will post some of my recent work, including things that are 95% done and are only missing a base. Some of the photos may not be the best, but they should suffice. 


Any advice and criticism is welcome.

So let us get started:

An old Pandora Metal starter set from Malifaux (and some Victoria Miniatures):
The skin for the baby was done using Mars Violet (PR101), Nickel Titanate Yellow (PY53) and Titanium White (PW6). I may have also used Titanium Buff (PW6:1)

The litle girl is sculpted with a basket full of candy, but since she is holding some scissors I decided to make it arts and crafts materials and a mirror. I went for a Black, Red and White colour scheme do to the spade on her shirt which reminded me of cards.

The black is painted using Titanium White and Perylene Black (PBk31, which is green-ish in glazes and when tinted with white), I also decided against priming the figure and used the metalic to my advantage by glazing the Perylene over it.
The redish colour is created by mixing some Quinacridone Magenta(PR122) with Red Iron Oxide(PR101).
The mirror was done with Prussian Blue (PB27, I just love how it behaves. Only one of the manufacterurs, Matise, that I can get locally sells it in acrylics due to the the pigment chemicaly reacting with the acrylic binders), and Titanium White. 

The white cloth was done using Titanium White, Nickel Titanate Yellow and some Burnt Umber (PBr7).
Skin and wood is a mixture of Red Iron Oxide, Burnt Umber, Nickel Titanate Yellow and Titanium White/Buff.



Vampire sending little girl to collect blood with those scissors:

As you can see she is tiny.


Some Reaper Bones, mostly from Bones 4:

Comments on them:
- The monk and scribe were fun to paint.
- The death statue was so nice I decided to make it a summon instead, with otherworldy energy showing throught the cracks.

- The old lady with a cane had her dress done by glazzing colours (ohh look I could make it behaved similar to contrast paints for a litteral fraction of the cost. AU$10 for 60mL of paint + AU$20 for 237mL of glaze medium + some dish soap/flow improver, wonder how many cidatel pots I can make with that especially with the contrast costing about $AU12 per 30mL pot)

- The pillar has some meted bodies flondering in pain, fun to paint.
- The Red/Black lady is some Pyrole Red (PR254) + Cerulean Blue(PB35) , and Perylene Black + Titanium White, the skin is made of Mars Violet and Titanium White. Similar to the vampire lord with little girl.
- Fish lady has a pipe in her hat.


Some minor conversion

My dreadmare herbalist arrived without the cylinder, I personally didn't really like that design choice so I decided not to ask for a replacement. Instead I was going to do some "magic".


First the gap was filled with some green stuff. This involved resculpting some of the satchel on her frock, the sides of her frock, some skirt and the bag strap.


Then I painted the dress and blocked in some of the colours. 
Dress: Ultramarien Blue (PB29) + Titanium White
Frock and shoes: Raw Umber(PBr7), Titanium White and Yellow Ochre(PY43)
Bag, hedgehogs and hair: Raw Umber .



After a working on and of on her she is mostly finished:


The bag recieved a glaze of Quinacridone Violet (PV19) after it was highlighted with Titanium White + Yellow Ochre +Raw Umber.

Greens are Ultramarine Blue mixed with different yellows, the minty green is made by Ultramarine Blue and Nickel Titanate Yellow.
Red is some Red Iron Oxide and Cadmium Red Medium (PR108).

You may be able to see the eyes and nose of the hedgehogs.

Perylene Black was used for the metalics.
I tried to give her some freckles, they look good from the front but I am not sure if I am to happy with one of the side looks. 

The flower was Nickle Titanate Yellow + Titanium White glazed with Indian Yellow (PY139).


Practice With FreeHand

I did some freehand practice on the Bones 4 milkmaid:

This was achieved by first drawing a square with some diluted Perylene Black and then convering everthing inside and oustide it with thin layers of titanium white.

The forest was first drawn by just when blending some Prussian Blue, Titanium white and a yellow. The Perylene Black may also have been used.
The mountain was draw with some Prussian Blue and white, this was grayed with some orangy colour which I can't remember. A lighters glaze was used on the sky. Luckily this blended with the snow covered top of the mountain so I outlined the mountain with the same orange I used to gray the prussian. Then I glazed some Indian Yellow up from the mountain. This created an effect that I really enjoyed (didn't really make vissible green due to the sky being a greyed blue). The top of the dress looked a little empry so I painted a titanium white cloud that had a shadow of the deep grayed prussain at the top and a reflection of the orange at the bottom.
The freehand is the centre piece so I did not want to detract from it with the rest of the paint job.
To do this I made the dress a desaturated green, but found it to be to empty by itself. 
To make it pop a little more I drew a patern on it by mixing the dress colour with a lot of Titanium White and then diluting that with some flow improve and lots of water. Then I sketched the lines with the highly translucent mixture. To further highlighty the stripes which were lost in the folds of the dress (bad locaiton choice on the vertical stripes) I decided to make a higher Titanium White mixture that had less water and dot that in each line intercept.
Now the model is drying (mostly finished) and if the weather permits I will have some nice pictures "Soon". 


Eureka Minatures

Such characterful miniatures they produce, I will probably spurge for some more on my birthday.


1st Picture: Some duelists. One of them is so secure in his victory he is holding his folded cloak in one hand, or is he hidding something there?
2nd Picutre: An older lady feeding some chickens, currently missing chickens.

3rd Picture: has some muscians, I did not take a close up of all of them. They each have their own chairs and sheet music. There are 4 dogs, 2 of them are holding buckets with something in them. 2 chickens, a rooster and 2 chicks

4th-6th Pictures: musician closeups.
7th Picture: That lady behind the cow did something so scandalous that the lady further back started chocking, requiring her friend to help. Otherways is just 2 milkmaids, one milking a cow and there is a really curious auroch bull looking at the bucket.

8th Picture: I am not sure if blowing a seashell horn into the ear of a person is a bright idea, especially if they are dressed like that and holding a scepter staff while you only have a loincloth. The scepter is quiet heavy and a nice weapon, just a warning.


Churning some Butter

One of the Eureka Miniatures is this boy, he is not that small but still recognisable as a child (goes up to around the shoulder of adult miniatures, so if we take into acount the base of the vampire lord he is only up to underneath his arm.)


The chemise is painted using some glazes of Transparent Red Oxide (PR101) and Burnt Umber over a base coat of Titanium White and Yellow Ochre. Everything but the close and hair has a basecoat of Burnt Umber.
The shirt is some greyed out (I think I used Transparent Red Oxide in this case) Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White.

The trouses are Nickle Titanate Yellow, Ultramarine Blue and some Titanium White (they may have been greyed out a little with Transparen Red Oxide). The trim of his trouses is Mars Violet with some Titanium White.



Now this old lady is telling us to get off her lawn, so I brightened up her day by splattering her pinkish dress with some dots.

The pink was made out of Cadmium Red Medium and Titanium White. This mixture was further lightened out with Titanium White to make the dots (lots of water with flow aid used to make them nice an easy to paint).


The lady was still grumpy so maybe she did not like those dots? Too late for her then since htey are staying, instead lets give her some stripes. 


Her under-dress was painted a dark green (forgot the mixture, it may have involved some Ivory Black (PBk9) and Green Gold(PY129)) and the stripes were painted using some Nickle Titanate Yellow, Titanium White and the green mixture. To make them stand out more the shadows were glazed with some Perylene Black (I think it was that).

Some Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Nickle Titanate Yellow and Titanium White were used to paint the wood,shoes and headscarf.  

Her hair was painted using Perylene/Ivory Black and Titanium White.


Reaper Speakers

Now this is not the best pictures, the hair looks washed out (it has far deeper shadows than what is seen here). The hair for left and middle is Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre and Titanium white mixtures. The metalics were some Vallejo Liquid Metal "writing rubbed out" Gold. Either old gold or red gold, but sadly my bottle has the name of the colour rubbed out. 


The right lady, had her dress painted by first making a grisalis of Titanium White and Ivory Black, this was then glazed with Pthalo Blue (PB15:3).

Her yellow decoration where painted using Nickle Titanate Yellow and Titanium White glazed with Indian Yellow.

Inner Dress was a mmixture of Prussian Blue and either some Nickle Titanate Yellow or Titanium Buff.

Hair were washes/glazes of Transparent Red Oxide, Indian Yellow and Burnt Umber.

The book has some squigles that you can see in real life, but didn't come out in the picture.

The middle lady has a dress of Hanza Yellow Light (PY3) and Pthalo Green (PG 7) which I think is the blue shade. 

I can't remember her inner dress.


The leftmost lady is painted using OILS, it took her a while to dry, but I just love how using Prussian Blue and then wiping the top came out for her dress. The inner dress is painted with Green Gold. Her scepter handle is some Quinacridone Magenta and white. 


Some of my slowly "Speed" painted Handgunners



I spent about 10-20 minutes on the skin of each figure and then left them bare. Over the course of the last month when I finished doing some painting and had some colour left I would take one of the figure and start blocking in a section of their attire, all sections, but the skin, are highlighted with Colour used+ Titanium White. Overall I would Say that each figure took me about 30-60 minutes of paint time. There are still 2 models left (double of each sculpt). 


1:72 scale Freehand


This guy is about the same hight as the butter churning boy, except he is a lot thinner (somewhat realistic proportions), I allready finished painting him. Sadly I don't have a photo of him right now, so the onnly thing I can show you is that I painted stripes on his throuses. The throuses and cape are Cerulean Blue and Titaniym White, The stripes are heavily diluted Perylene Black. 

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Top Posters In This Topic

After todays painting sessions I took some pictures. They are not good pictures, and I really should use some felt as a background, but the lighting conditions were terrible (dark outside, using indoor lights) and that is my excuse.

Butter Churner Just Needs a Base

The butter churning boy's paintjob is finished, he jsut needs a base. Which knowing myself will take about half a year, at which point everyone will get a base and I will make some extra terrain bases that I will never use.

Now the most annoying thing about this sculpt was that it had the top eyelids sculpted for both eyes. This meant that when I was painting the eyes I needed to push the pupil under the eyelid and then paint the eyelid. Overall I am happy with him.

Milk for the Butter

The milkmaid I carrying some milk to get some more butter going. With the amount of milkmaids I have left to paint, I don't think the churner will get rest anytime soon.

She is in such a hurry that some milk is getting spilled, such a waste.


My First Goblin Noticed Some Milk.


Now this goblin was a speedy paintjob taking about 30-40 minutes. He also involved some experimentation. On the metal you may have noticed some flecks of shinny hematite, this is from the Golden's Micaceous Iron Oxide (PR101) it is interesting and a nice colour for true metalic shadows, thought it leaves a heavily textured sourface after it dries. The paint can also be heavily diluted and used as a wash to leave behind some iridescenet sparkles. It could create a fun ground texture, thought I would first sculpt the terrain with some modeling paste before applying it (cost saving).


The metalic bits on the goblin were painted using Red Iron Oxide, which was then dried brushed (with a small brush, that had more paint then usual for a dry brush, and a controlled approach) with some Titanium Buff.


Fashion the Miniature


Now this lady was an experiment, all the shading (excluding black and skin) was done utilising the complimantary colour. In some cases the complimantary colour. This was an interesting exercise and I think I should explore it more. I am really happy how the red and purple came out, but am not to happy with the yellow. The yellow could probably be better if it was blended, but this exercise was not about blending (in fact I did not want to blend the complimentary colours at all)


The Compensator

This is the bones 4 model I spent the most time on today, the last picture is more colour accurate.


Still have the belts, weapons and bibs and bobs to do, but the clothing si mostly finished. I may just do a was of Magenta or Violet on his gloves to distinguish them more from his shirt.


Been There, Done That

I finished this mister today, he was an experiment. 



I wanted to see how glazes of Transparent Iron Oxide work over Nickel Titanate Yellow. I may also have mixed some Burnt Umber and Indian Yellow with the Transparent Iron Oxide. I did this experiment on a couple other figures, but I am most happy with the results on this guys coat. The other colours I used on him were: Mars Violet, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Titanium White, Red Iron Oxide and some blue or black that I can't remember.


The little girl confused a coat with blood


The vampire is not to impressed so he is sending her of for blood. He repeated that a couple of times, just to make sure she understood. 

This is just a base coat of some Pthalo Green and Quinacridon Managenta and Titanium White.


What is Better than Six Handcannons?

The answer is seven, and here it is. With some fleshy bits atached for free. (sorry for the bad photo of the back)


He joins the ranks of the speedpainted handcannos that took ages to complete but where still speedpainted.

Don't ask me about the colourm I allready forgot them, but I think the thights and hood where the slightly darker leftovers form the vampire's coat. How nice of the little girl to make them for him.


Let us destory a priceless artifact so I can be king!


First of all sorry for the bad photos, the satin varnish did not help.

An old citadel metal Aragorn, I could't get to the eye under the hair, but you can't really see that in real life. Overall I am happy with everything but the sword, I was trying a different appraoch for the NMM, but I don't think I got it right. So I may redo that in the future.


A Legolas Who has PTSD


The first photo is not an angle you really see in person, but it really looks as if he saw some things. Being an elf he probably did.

I still need to smooth the green, finish of all the belts arrows, quiver and bow.

The green was first done by a glaze of Green Gold and I just lvoe this colour.


Day 405: Our base is still nowhere in sight


These are some Horde's miniatures. I have had them finished for more than a year. They still need a base.

They were an experiment where the metalics where done using glazes over white (for blue) or yellow (for redish) and the top part was then wiped with a wet brush. Over the course of the paintjob I overworked some glazes and needed to redo them, but I am happy with the final results.

The blues are: Pthalo (armour and sword), Ultramarine (scalemail, plume, trim of robe), Cerulean (robe)

Reds: Pyrole (robe), Quinacridone Magenta (armour, sword, plume and trim of robe. It was a glaze over a yellow + red iron oxide)


The gaul picute is here


Ahh the joy when the phone camera in terrible conditions is able to recognise the face as a face.

I said he was finished previously and here he is. Some none, metalic metals, eyes, skin, belt buckles, belts and shoes.

The metals were done Perylene Black and Titanium White for steel and Red Iron Oxide, Titanium White and Yellow Ochre for bronze/gold.

I am really happy with him.

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Finally I had the time and lighting to make some photos.

A Map
I needed a mat to play some Pathfinder. So I brought some felt and used some cheap paint and some not so cheap modeling and texture paste to create my own.

The felt was just painted with a roller. Some modelling and texture paste were mixed with colour and spread with a pallet knife. Some flocking was springled on. The lines were drawn using a Molotov Chrome marker.

Dragons Don't Share 2 dragon and knight made they way onto the terrain in the second picture. 



Faces of Terror

I noticed that the faces didn't really come out that well for the handgunners, so here is attempt #2. Not all were succesfull. My phone still can't decide what to focus on half the time.


Beginning of speed painting goblins.

I used leftover colours on my pallet to paint some skin.


An Actual Speed Paint
These ghouls took about 15-25 minutes all together.


The skin was some Ultramarine Violet (PV15) mixed with Quinacridone Magenta, Pthalo Green and Titanium White. The shadow was a mix of more Pthalo Green. The brown cloth, ground and skulls were a mix of Yellow Ochre, Red Iron Oxide/ Burn Sienne, Nickle Titanate Yellow and Titanium White. There may have been some pthalos and violets added in certain locations.

Bandit Three

Started in blocking some colour for the Axe and Mace, the blue is Ultramrine Violet with Prussian Blue and some Titanium White.
The Dagger is in the final stages. I am amused that the Pathfinder book had bandits using rapiers, in my mind they are all disguised nobles.


Someone Call the Guard:
Having bandits without guards is just wrong. So lets have some perfectly legitimate guards who are not part of the problem. At least that is what my agreement tells me to say.

Getting Out of my Comfort Zone.
I noticed that most of my skin tones are a variation of Caucassian or violets. So it is time to explore some darker colours.
Using the same pallet as the Caucassian Skin resulted in these four Zulus. Now I just need some models to experiment with some really dark skin.

We really should stop locking those monks in the cloisters.

Just look at his complexion. At least the dark space keeps his highlighy expensive tyrian purple from fading. How he could afford tyrian purple robes without being king I have no idea. Why are you asking about the late king? I allready told you I know nothing about him.
Colours used: Ultramarien Violet, Quinacridone Violet (PV19), Nickle Titanate Yellow, Raw Umber, Pthalo Green, Titanium White.


Back to the Comfort Zone
Starting on a Caucasian Skin tone.
Nothing much to say. I am not sure what colours to make his clothing. The current plan is to have the cape he is holding be either red, crimson or purple.


A Trolling Start and Frogs.
Some wet blended base coats over a wash of green. I just wanted some colour for the Pathfinder game. Didn't get to use the troll.

Resin Experiments
Well that wasn't long before we left the comfort zone.
I don't have picture of the steps but everything here was made by me using some foam, green stuff, texture pastes and flocking.



There are 4 fish, 1 crab, 1 sea star, 1 shell, lots of baranacles and coral.  This was done in 2 pours. The first pour was left to partialy dry so that It could support the weight of the fish, then 2 fish were added as can be seen from the pictures only one fish was able to remain straight at its correct orientation. Sadly the other tipped over later and by the time I noticed the resin was set.

Just some dirty water that was an experiment with tinting the resin. I am not sure If I should trim the reeds, I probably will do so later.

Some of the remaining resin
Since I used a plastic shot glass for mixing the resin the leftover is looks like the picture. It is large enought to engulf a human sized miniature.

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Since I haven't really had time to do a lot of painting for the last couple of months I will just show some of the work that I did do.

First of let us start with the big project I had going. This thing took me literal years, working on it on and off work. A 75mm figure by Nocturna Models.
The Big Man


Now the main points I would like to mention is that this was the first time I tried to paint marble. I am quite happy how it came out. 


Some Landsknechts by Warlord Games

When working on this figure I experimented with freehand, and let me tell you don't make a diamond pattern on a hand that nearly touches the body. I may still add some more highlights for the red.



A Monkey 


Just a tiny weeny monkey. Waiting for some inspiration. Thought I did play around with fibre paste by Liquitex to make the muddy ground. I really like the effect and the way it absorbs washes. 


Some Experimentation with Woodland Scenic Rock Moulds
I wanted to see if resin would work.

It seemed to work well enough thought I did cover most of the mould with silicon oil before starting. (I did spill some on the part not covered and it was fine)

It does make a nice ice effect.


Started work just 2 days ago on Rocky from Bones 4

I am going to make this one a ground/sand dragon. That is why I chose Violet eyes.

Man 3.jpg

Spear 2.jpg

Spear 7.jpg

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Finally got myself to take some photos. I still did not have time to put on some matt varnish so they may be shiny. 

 The Demons

I am surprised how much I enjoy painting children. They are fast to pick up.




I was surprised at the size that chickens can grow up too in real life, so the slightly bigger chickens are technically in scale (The smaller chickens and the figure are Eureka while the bigger chickens are from Tamiya 1/35 livestock set). 



Monk after fast

The only thing left is the base, which I will do "SOON". Meaning that when I get in the basing mood I will fill the first two pages of the show of thread. 

Blowing Hot Wind

Another small gaul. Hopefully I will finish the set some time in the future.



Lisette Limited Inc.

This was sitting on my workbench for a long time, missing the final step.



Pike Friends

Finished two more of the Landsknechts. 



The commander wonders where the rest of his men are.

This miniature was a joy to paint. When paining the base I forgot that I did not fill in the hole and the thing that looked like rocks was just the BluTack. 



Ride The Wave.

The plan is to make this part of a diorama base. The figure came with a foam wave that was put at the back of the board to make it stand at an angle. I brought it in a hobby shop without the box so it would be nice if someone could identify it.



Come on Mate.

To try to show the injury of the soldier more I painted his skin tone to be more grey and lacking the reddish tinge of blood flow.



On Guard you Knaves

These Eureka miniatures have so much character in them. I wonder what that proud man is hiding under his cloak.



I tried to do a basic free hand pattern on one of the figures. I still need some practice and should have probably drawn it bigger and more staggered.



Kneel Before ME!

The vampire is finally done. He was sitting there, with all the hardest parts done, but I just did not have the inspiration. 



Hello mister, we have to talk to you.

To join the "Been There, Done That" mercenary we have the trio who were an experiment in glazing. All of the cloaks started as Nickel Titanate Yellow and were glazed with multiple colours to achieve the desired effect.



The four levels of Class

Once again the bases are what is left to complete. To paint the town crier I needed to take off his hat. The lady was a glazing experiment to create an autumn dress.  



A Lady, a Knave and a Knight

The lady is from Hasslefree and the rogue and Knight are from Grenadier (has lead, all the white seems to be build up on the metal).

With the lady I am currently experimenting in painting a cool white,  so far I like the results. The knight had his weapon broken so I made a substitute from green stuff.




The base for the rouge has the third number of the date unreadable so it would be helpful if someone could identify it. (EDIT: Found the knight to be part of the 3101 Sterling Knights)






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