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Now that I've completed Domog, high priest of Rovagug, it's time to move on to the lesser threat: the Tarrasque, Herald of Rovagug.


I got Khanjira the world breaker with the Kickstarter ages ago, and dusted off the box recently while working on Domog.  I was saddened to discover the big guy's left leg was missing.  Fortunately, Reaper is awesome and they shipped me a replacement leg!  With a nice bottle of paint to boot. :-)


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I noticed that Khanjira's center of mass is in a tipsy configuration, so I got a little mad scientisty.


I bunged some scrap metal into the hollow of the building under his right foot, and splorched the whole thing with caulking.  It'll probably be a couple of days or more for it to cure lol.


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Legs attached to body then to the base, just the arms left to go.  That was the trickiest part of assembly so far because there's a fair amount of strain in the hip joints.  I wouldn't be surprised if cracks appear there sometime.


I did my best to carve the ball and socket to reduce strain caused by fitting the feet to the base, but it was still present, particularly in the right hip.  You can see the fat band of putty filling the gap.


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I unexpectedly got the house to myself for half an hour, and assembly is done!  I'd done all the fitting, drilling, and whittling on previous days, so I just needed a few uninterrupted minutes for the final putty, glue, and pins.


I've got a young one in the house, so I'm taking care to build this guy to withstand a few good drops. :-D


Next steps: file putty in seams, clean off the ample accrued finger oils, glue some debris to the disc base, then prime.


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Last week I did a all-over liner of mixed black & brown ink to figure out details.  Got some brush time in today.  One undercoat of glossy black for the carapace, followed by a base coat of a 1:1 mix of burnt sienna ink and metallic bronze.


I'm trying to figure out if the pauldrons and nape plates are supposed to be part of the reflective rust-coloured carapace or separate.  Thoughts?

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