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6 minutes ago, blargney said:


Palette-wise, I'm totally flying by the seat of my pants on this guy.  I pretty much just pick a vivid colour as the base coat, then throw on layers until it clicks.  It's very very far from optimal from a time efficiency viewpoint, but fortunately that's not why I paint. :-)

One of the lesser known Tarrasque/Kanjira abilities, optical camouflage to blend in with its surroundings.


It is currently standing in front of Times Square, NYC, hidden from view to all.


[Imagines Predator clicking sound, somehow attracting pigeons to clean out its ears]

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On 10/6/2019 at 10:43 AM, UnreliableNarrator said:

Oh man, this is FANTASTIC. I adore the very hyperreal colourfulness; it makes me think of pet turtles and fancy lizards. I wanna put him in a terrarium and feed him crickets.

Thank you!  One of my friends has a wall of lizards, and the ridiculous amount of color on display made me realize it was time to start cutting loose on my monsters. :-)

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