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Little Fuzzy Book Series

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4 hours ago, Pingo said:

Killashandra (more properly Killeshandra, or even more properly Cill na Seanrátha, “the church of the old ring-fort”), is a place that’s been famous for its butter since the nineteenth century.




I thought it was bread. Perhaps I am wrong. Galloping senility...

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If you go to Keith Parkinson’s website and start flipping through the artwork you will begin to recognize the covers of many science fiction and fantasy books, along with a ton of work for TSR on modules and magazines. He is far more prolific than most people realize and he did an excellent job capturing the essence of whatever he was illustrating for.


Lets not forget Everquest for that matter!

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On 7/16/2019 at 12:42 AM, Dr.Bedlam said:

hbeamp1per.jpg.9dfcb33eda548bddf2e53938d0818d92.jpg I always felt bad for H. Beam Piper (1904 - 1964).


I discovered his work when I was in college; a friend of mine had the omnibus edition of Little Fuzzy and Fuzzy Sapiens, two science fiction novels that explored precisely where the line between "sapience" and "nonsapience" might be put upon discovery of an alien species. I was weirdly amused to discover that the second half of the first book is a courtroom drama, as opposed to a science fiction shootemup. Furthermore, it's GOOD courtroom drama, and aside from the fact that everybody smokes cigarettes, it still holds up today! Even to the point of getting a "reimagining" by John Scalzi.

I wasn't crazy about the IDEA of John Scalzi "rebooting" a perfectly good novel, but he didn't do a bad job, and he did a wonderful job with the big twist partway through the story. And in Scalzi's story, no one smokes.

H. Beam Piper was one of those guys who was scared to quit his day job to pursue his writing, but when he did, he did pretty well. He pumped out a LOT of short stories and seems to have paid the bills doing just that; his Paratime series of books is really nothing but short stories set in the same universe threaded together. Around 1960, he began publishing novels, all of which are still in print, and seem to have been quite influential. 

They include Space Viking, which on the surface is a science fiction shootemup, but is actually an examination of trends in human behavior, politics, and war. He continued this trend with Uller Uprising, which basically retells the story of the Sepoy Mutiny and makes a point of how human behavior can cause history to repeat itself. Little Fuzzy and its sequel, which I described above, apparently changed a LOT about the depiction of sapient aliens in science fiction. And his short story, "A Planet For Texans," manages to be hilarious AND thought provoking, because on New Texas, when one shoots a politician, the trial to determine guilt is immediately followed by another inquiry to determine if the politician in question needed to be shot... and his Paratime series, about a law enforcement agency that travels between parallel universes keeping order, influenced every parallel universe story from there up to Rick and Morty.

He's also remembered for his "Terro-Human Future History," into which most of the stories mentioned above (and most of his other work) falls. It forms the setting for said stories, and provides an interesting canvas for his views on history and human behavior. 

Regrettably, by 1964, Piper's personal situation was looking fairly grim. He had financial woes, some health problems, and what I understand to be a vicious divorce of the very worst sort. And so Piper cancelled his life insurance policy (to spite his ex wife), named a relative as his legal executor, and shot himself in his home, having laid out dropcloths to prevent as much of a mess as possible. His suicide note simply read, "I don't like to leave messes when I go away, but if I could clean up any of this mess, I wouldn't be going away. H. Beam Piper."

According to his diary, he was mainly depressed because of his dismal financial state. What he didn't know was that his agent had successfully sold his recent novels, and that a check was literally in the mail. If he'd held off the trigger until Monday, the rest of his career might have been decidedly different; the amount of money in just the FIRST check would have polished off most of his debt and put him on his feet again. 

There's a moral in there somewhere, but I leave it to the interested student to figure it out.

1440152.jpg.64cce12daa75776d886017ae54d24f46.jpgFor decades, rumors of a third Fuzzy novel kicked around; people who knew him said he'd been working on it shortly before his death, but was presumed to have tossed it out before his suicide. It finally turned up in a trunk... in 1984. By that time, at least two OTHER Fuzzy novels had been published by other authors. 

He died thinking he was a failure. Everything he wrote is still in print, and can be had on Amazon.



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