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Oinoloth minis?


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In my quest to find a water weird like mini 5e size (they are large now wha?) I came across Pacesetter Games. Seeing the date on the site 2009 I was a bit worried but their BookeyFayCee page was only a few days ago calling on a Kickstarter that is ending soon. So I placed a order for the "Rotting Overlord" mini in their inventory. Kinda spendy for a mini at $20 shipped (it's on sale for 15 & shipping was higher then I wanted at 7.95 but I had a coupon code for a 1.50 off) but it is a big baddie in adventure so I'll let it slide for now.


Now I wait!

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3 hours ago, Mattnuke said:

I’ve ordered from Pacesetter and had luck.  I’m just certain that particular line of minis is cursed!


Well it's the first mini I've bought in recent months that was damaged but I blame that on the packaging then the actual mini.

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