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As it stands right now all the riders have basically the same head. For my own sanity while they're on the table I'm thinking about swapping one head for a standard sergeant head. 


Any opinions on which figure should receive the head swap?

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The one pointing down.  That way you can easily tell without looking at the head.

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The search for wheels may have been a success and I only say may because I won't be home to check until tomorrow. After thinking about it I realised I was better off going to an actual store rather than trying my luck at the dollar store. Walmart's $.94 cars ended up being exactly what I was looking for.20190720_215043.thumb.jpg.b1ae18dc9ce2e38b47cb7a058f5b89bb.jpg

Even bought spares incase I make a mistake stealing the wheels.


For those of you following along at home, this project has cost $4.00, a squad I never would have used, some bits I never would have used, some old sprue pieces, and five toothpicks. 

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44 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Have you considered painting them up as Adeptus Arbites? Since they're not part of your main force, they could represent local law enforcement dragooned into service. 

I hadn't thought of that. I'm the kind of 40K player that realizes how expensive one army can be, so I only built/play one army. This of course can lead to you having hobby blinders on.

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With just a bit of drilling the wheels and axles are free from the frames. Now I have three car frames though for future projects, it'll be interesting to see what I end up doing with them.20190721_171606.thumb.jpg.556a1d10bdd5ac17cfca30b967957d29.jpg


The initial test fitting went well and I think it looks pretty good. You could make the argument that the wheels are too large but I like to think these really are all terrain segways (they're like the dirt bike or ATV of segways).



I also went ahead and chose a sergeant. @ttuckerman was right, the one with the readied lance will be so much easier to identify on the tabletop.


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      The pikes: Basecoated 

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