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Skeleton Dragon (Bones 4)

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14 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


Any critique on how to make it better?

is the book your light source? if so, paint it mostly white and put the yellow only the sides of the pages and part of the plinth as cast color. the brightest point for osl needs to be the light source, so I'd glaze over the white areas on the bones and the figure as they may not be quite as bright as the book. Remember that light is a sphere and as it expands, the light dims and lessens.  I see where you've put the shadow behind him- that helps sell the effect of the lights direction. but there may be a bit of reflected light a little closer to him- not yellow, but the mauve color.  Is this a spell effect where the bones are glowing instead? Right now the front reads oddly because the bones glow but the surrounding ground is not as lit, which would not make sense for the flow of light- since it travels in a straight line. It makes it look like the light is jumping.  I'd probably pick the book as the source and carry the light effect to the ground almost all the way behind the book, into that mauve range as you get behind the book.  It would still cast some light behind it. 




Here's a color saturation removed photo of the mini.  See how the book and the light on the ground in 2 lines are fairly equal in saturation?  Cast light is not as bright as the source.  The way we manage this is to glaze over the cast light with color and remove some of the light reflected to our eyes, lowering the value. Does that make sense? Now, you'll be thinking wait! But then it won't be as bright, right? It won't look lighter than the rest of the mini!  The secret is both in using light AND in using darker shadow/lower value to contrast.  It's frustrating, and I've been there with nice happy colors and had to darken them all to better sell the light effect. This means using some dark, almost black on the parts behind the mini, especially if they are directly behind the cast light, like you have behind him. He can still have some "ambient light" allowing his bones to be highlighted, but see if you can find some areas to darken. this will help sell the effect. I think the main thing is playing with where you want the light on the ground and that will help sell the light effect.


Image result for candle light source renaissance painting


See in this Matchmaker painting, how the guy is completely dark? The light right next to him renders only a few highlights at his edges.  Now, areas further away will be more subject to ambient light, so you don't have to kill the lovely purple bones completely.  Just in a few areas.



Sorry, that's a lot.  But it really is looking spectacular and I love the colors soooo much!  Keep up the great work!



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yes, the book is intended to be the light source. I'll see what i can do to apply what you say


so sounds like dull down the highlights on the dragon and ground, and also bring in the pink color i've been using into the ground around the necromancer? and make the book white in the center


how would you do the ribbon on the book? i'm puzzling over how the ribbon would affect it

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