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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 9


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B:GCC - Mission 9 "A Sad Celebration" has the Joker and Harley Quinn (and minions) lowering some sap into a vat while Batman and friends attempts to stop him.  


Since I already painted Harley Quinn, I only had the Joker to paint, and he's pretty straightforward.  I messed up his lips a little bit but, honestly, he's got a messy look sometimes anyway so I mostly left it in place.   Its hard to tell from the tabletop anyway.  Katana was also pretty easy to paint, and looked really good in pure white and black.  Spoiler I never heard of and her cape makes her a bit unbalanced, but she looks fun to play. 




I do love the Joker's pose, with the pistol held carelessly and the knife gripped tight, ready to strike.  

895027099_2019-07-1919_41_31.thumb.jpg.e505834aa5b3aaf9b7d2b75c0a7a417c.jpg 546819727_2019-07-1919_41_41.thumb.jpg.feb8ac9bbc840b63a0d8e6f9cfe38034.jpg


Spoiler: NO CAPES!

213008164_2019-07-1919_41_52.thumb.jpg.368ea7a36a56eb315e45182ae2cbfce5.jpg 157961404_2019-07-1919_42_12.thumb.jpg.fa02a2a7fd8fbaa5e5b4bf27895a1916.jpg


I must admit, I like Katana's pose and color scheme.  

2049940737_2019-07-1919_42_27.thumb.jpg.49e7aa24de6572d8155cd79ac1e4e7f4.jpg 832437924_2019-07-1919_42_39.thumb.jpg.7c2c2ec289e8cec240ce83bf66d589c5.jpg

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yeah, I think Jokers' is one of the best pose/sculpts in that entire game.

solid stuff on all these.  ^^


Spoiler was one of the bat girls (kinda forgetting which atm), who shifted gears and turned into her own vigilante.  Underused, but interesting character.

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