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Dance of Death slow decay

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Weird way to phrase it. I'm not sure - not a native speaker! - about how to describe it: its just the pose of the upper dragon, after a couple months of being glued in place & painted, is starting to get... deformed. 

Before, as its meant to be, both dragons were facing each other. Now, due I suppose to the weight of the wing and being the support poijt as thin as the tail is, its slowly bending and nowadays looks at the base. I don't know if after some more time it will continue to bend or what. 

I could just cancel the wing's weight by placing something under I guess, but this is an exposition piece, I would prefer to avoid it. 

Any solution, or has anyone here faced the same issue? How could I re-bend it in place (heat maybe, with a blowdrier? But... will it mess with the paint?)

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I didn't purchase DoD so I can't speak directly to your issue, but Bones collapsing under their own weight is a known issue with some figures.  The usual fixes are to make a support, figure out a way to make an additional point of contact for the figure if not using a support, or internally reinforce the weak area by inserting a wire.


I have softened Bones without destroying the paint.  A hairdrier could work if you are careful.  I think the harder part would be setting by dunking in cold water, but a bucket might work.

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