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i have made a crossover between the marsh troll and a yeti to create a new creature ; A fomorian hero for my Of god and Mortals irish army.

Mythology description give a light idea of what could been a Fomorian, first invader of Ireland ; ugly, deformed, etc...


As i don't like too much the head of the marsh troll :



i choose to give a try to a strange idea ; Why don't give him a yeti head ?

And change his aquatic look for a some kind of hairs/fur....then we get that :








the weapon is shortened to be more "realistic"


he is ready for the paint job with a sand undercoat (and a better view about his new face) :









Hope you like it :wub:



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    • By kerthnk
      So I haven't posted in quite a while, which I suppose no one noticed. Better to be humble about these things. I have been working on this marsh troll for a while but I am a little frustrated because he seems too green. I can't seem to get the colors right.

      I am also working on the base, which will be, ....., A marsh. I am trying to get the feel of a swampy marsh, and have the troll in the water. Here is the base and the materials  I am using

      and here is the layout I am thinking of

      I think it looks too bright and cheerful right now. I was going to use the lichens to make roots at the edge of the water, and mix in some dead grass. I was going to make the water a murky greenish black. Any suggestions?
    • By Slendertroll
      This was a big fun sculpt, with slightly too many fiddly details for my taste. Interestingly, he's clearly looking up and preparing to swing upwards with that club. Whatever it is he's fighting, it's even bigger than him! Will be entered into the Year of the Giants and Raging Reptilian Rencounter contests. Had a bit of a hard time photographing this guy for some reason, so you get a few shots from similar angles. I look forward to trying another take on this concept when my Swamp Troll from Bones II arrives.

    • By aricclark
      Have some more painted bones to share. To start off, here are some Kobolds of the tribe of Bron... I may get another set and paint them in black and silver as Kobold Raiders...

      I also painted up the Pathfinder Wizard Ezren with a non-canon color scheme:

      I'm pretty proud of the Earth Elemental I did. I painted the skeleton in his shoulder like a fossil instead of as fresh bones:

      And my most recent is the Marsh Troll, which I did a WIP of if you're interested:

      Comments and criticism appreciated.
    • By aricclark
      This is my first time doing a WIP. I'm a WIPper snapper. *rim shot* (apologies)
      I see a lot of people doing dragons and cthulhu and stuff, but I'm starting a little smaller: the Marsh Troll.
      I cleaned the flash off of him with a knife. He wasn't too bad in this regard, but his arms were poorly glued at the factory so I pulled them out, dunked him in some boiling water to reshape, and then glued them in much more securely. Here he is before any paint was applied:

      I'm going to go for a blue and green scheme. Here he is as I started applying basecoats.

      And then some washes with Athonian Camoshade, and soft body black.

      There's one afternoon. More to come.
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