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Mori's March of the Murlocs (Happy birthday, love!)

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Great looking progress on a great project. Its impressive just how much you were able to transform the original pieces. 


From the card's descriptions it sounds like the Murlocs played a lot like the old Red deck goblins did in Magic (I haven't played in over a decade so the current goblins may still play this way but I wouldn't know).

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Little bits have been made. I got intensely carried away with the treasure chest. I ended up spending about 4 hours on just the chest. Whoops! I tried to match it to the in game version from the starter zone (battered chest). I was a little fussed with myself for wasting time on such a little thing, but then he yelled out, "That's it! That's THE treasure chest!"


So I felt validated. :wub:



I dug around my dad-in-law's garage for some "free" basing materials. I used a scrap piece of pink insulation foam, "cured" it with a blast from a heat gun (old cosplay trick), and then made a paper mache heart with it. I mixed up some wall mud with baking soda, paint, and dried herbs for a basing paste.



Putting the sword back in his hand for the 5th time..... I'm priming everything tomorrow!




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I started painting this week - I'm on track! I'm having a lot of fun with the bright colors!



And then last night, I accidentally dropped my Surface on the most fragile mini of the set, breaking off the sword, arm, and some spines.... Spines and arm are curing again, I'll make the new fingers and add the sword later tonight. :<


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I've noticed that I struggle painting past tabletop quality. It's got the paint on it, it looks pretty, I've already spent forever on it, let's go play or sculpt another one! ::D:


This has been no different. :unsure:


Booklight still needs his OSL and plenty of other little details, but his skin blending is "done." He is brighter on the front and top than the bottom and back.


I also noticed that he's sitting a little crooked and he is decidedly not coming off of that base. Super glue and green stuff is pretty strong, so he got a little bottle sculpted nearby to uh, sell his posture.


The treasure chest was painted with the same browns used for the rest of the terrain. The highlight is the belly color of the murlocs and the hut top. I used Styx purple (Booklight's feet color) for the base color of the metal, then drybrushed a dark Shadow Silver on the bottom and a bright Polished Silver on the top.


Does anyone have any better suggestions for this hut top? I'm currently just gluing some grass I found in my friend's tote and hoping to trim the edges unevenly after.




Top: colors used for the front two murlocs. They are very bright!

Bottom: colors used for the back murloc, Booklight. All of the bright colors used on him are the same used for the other murlocs. His darkest color, Styx Purple, will be used for shadows on all three to keep them together.




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