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RIP Rutger Hauer


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14 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

R.I.P Navarre ::(:



I've never been able to finish Blade Runner either.


Blind Fury is an absolute classic, as is Ladyhawke. I'm probably going to rewatch both in the next couple of days as tribute. Poor fellow.

@Kuroneko Good call on Blind Fury. I had forgotten about it.


Upon closer inspection it appears I own the Final Cut of Blade Runner. I will be watching it again this weekend along with 2049. I may also throw Blind Fury into the viewing and some Wanted Dead or Alive. 

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He will be sadly missed. One of the my personal joys in movies is recognizing each actor, no matter the size of their role, and saying "they were in that film, this film" etc. Rutger Hauer was one of those people. Batman Begins, Sin City, the tv movie of Salem's Lot from the early 2000s, his small part in The Last Kingdom... he brought much joy.


I need to learn Dutch so I can watch his early career.

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