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Choices for a Split Palette

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Was trying to choose colors to try the split palette, looking for suggestions that my be better. For reds I was thinking Lava Orange and Violet Red.  For yellows Sun Yellow and Lemon Yellow, although I wonder if the Lemon yellow is green enough. For blues I chose Ultramarine blue and Marine teal.  Are these colors decent choices with good saturation? I confuse value and saturation I think, so darker colors throw me off in terms of comparing relative intensities.

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Split primaries can be tricky since many great looking colors on miniature paint and mixed colors and can do weird things when mixing.

Anne Forester did a great overview of mixing colors on Reaper live one night.  Link here: https://youtu.be/XlRb23LZYw8

The Clears are your friends for mixing and she mentions a few others good to start.  

But, clear red is warm, clear yellow is greenish,  and clear magenta is magic in a bottle.

I still need to get a bottle of the blue and green so I can't speak for those colors, but Sapphire blue is my go to bright blue.


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