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Hello everybody.

I am new on the forum and newbie in the hobby.  And has you certainly  guess, English is not my language !

For my first post I submit my last paint.

suggestion and encouragement are welcome.

sorry for my bad english ;) 




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All your stuff looks really nice, especially for somebody just starting. You are already using some techniques like the lighting on the brain in the jar and using washes. A lot of new people just put on the base colors and call it a day. If you are looking for a small next step, try some highlighting to make him "pop." The red on the knight works, but try mixing a little orange and then run along the edges of the red areas. 

 I agree too that the brain in the jar and this guy are your best so far.


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hello every body.


thanks a lot  for your comments. I began painting minis last summer and I let it down for months this winter because I was changing my job. now I have much time and less stress. perfect mood for painting.

Mutilatedlips, I will post my skeletal warrior 77158. I have paint it few month ago  I tried on this mini to mix red and orange. tell me what do you think about it.



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