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ReaperCon Collectable Dice


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I know the Pizza Dungeon dice are being introduced this year, but I was wondering if there is a con specific die? Most of the other conventions I have been to have a dated d6 with the con name and year in different colors each year, usually with an option to buy a whole set of that color. Is this available at ReaperCon?





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On 7/29/2019 at 1:18 PM, Reaper Ron said:

The Pizza Dungeon Dice will not have a specific marking or date denoting ReaperCon; these are simply a set of promotional set of Pizza Dungeon Gaming Dice in some unique packaging. ::):

Is it pizza? I bet it's pizza! You know, like cheese stuffed crust, except it's dice.


If not... can I still stuff my dice in my pizza (like under the cheese or something) and pretend I found them after nearly breaking a tooth?

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