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Sorry if this has been asked before I tried to search and lots of things came up. I am looking for a dragon with wings a bit bigger than Stormwing-I would also like them outstretched like stormwings. If you could throw out some names so I can search, I would be grateful! My local stores don't carry many miniatures so trying to find wings is daunting-I am living in a wasteland! 

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I don't have handy comparison photos, I don't currently own a stormwing to directly compare, but his wings are pretty large for most of the dragons.  Someone might correct me on this but I think Ebonwrath has slightly larger wings, but they're really close in size. otherwise you're probably looking at Viridius or T'Raukzul, or the dragon from Dragon's Don't Share, among the currently available dragons. Nethyrmaul's are huge, but also folded and also full of rotting holes :)


Gauth should be out in the next few months, he would be another option, and Argent, of which there are a few KS leftovers, probably has some of the largest (excluding ma'al Drakar)

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