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Let's Paint Some Stuff Red!(August Hobby Goals Thread!)

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Since things have settled a bit and I actually have a paint area set up (well, mostly), time for some goals!

  • get my paints sorted so I can find the colours I want (not just what is on top of the box)
  • paint a Battletech Griffin
  • work on my CAV:SO Terrans
  • at least prep some of my Polyversal forces
  • get all the upgrades done to my Ender 3 and get back to 3D printing
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Mwa ha ha, was planning on bringing out various red paints... 


- finish assembly of CAVs, prime, and lets get sole of them blocked in for colours! 

- something something dragon. 

- work on Skaven, like... Assemble a bunch! 

- build more bases for said Skaven! 

- work on group WIP CAV! 

- start work on one of my Catachans Sentinels. 


Probably other stuff too, but that's top of my head stuff. 

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Keeping with my 2019 goals, in August I plan to:

  1. Finish my Expo contest entry
  2. Finish my Reapercon entries
  3. Paint this month's Mithril miniature


My long term goals for 2019:

  Paint all the figures in the annual box ( I am down to 5)

  Continue my current Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign and perhaps work on two mini campaigns

  Paint three entries for miniature painting competitions this year. It has increased to five. (4 down)

  Run a Call of Cthulhu game for my roleplaying group

  Paint character minis for all the players in my D&D group. (on track with five)

  Paint a Mithril miniature each month (on track with nine)



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I've been slowly moving stuff through the queue.  This month I need to: 


1. get good photos of everything

2. put several months worth of painted figs away in storage boxes

3. prep some Bones to mess around with at Reapercon

4. finish up a few half painted figures from last month

5. repeat


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I plan to paint these models I just ordered and at least another 15 models from my unpainted collection.

03396 Lazarus Ashwinter, Cleric - 5.99 x 1 5.99
44021 Maggotcrown Bonesack - 3.99 x 1 3.99
44026 Razormouth - 3.99 x 1 3.99
44032 Dreadmere Fishing Boat - 3.99 x 1 3.99
44034 Maggotcrown Men at Arms (3) - 8.99 x 3 26.97
44049 Stone Lurker - 4.99 x 1 4.99
44008 Bones Black: Anthanelle, Elf Wizard x 1 FREE
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2 Canvas paintings for Baroque LizardMen Diorama 

Get 6 matching wood plinths for "" 


More Bones 3 core  (5?)

I went through my box this afternoon.  

Since I'm trying to paint it all, it is about coming up with fun ways to paint each figure, rather than finding fun ones to paint. 


wereBat ( but since I don't need that, mine will be painted as a  cracked stone gargoyle)  (primed) 
Tortures rack (wash/drybrush/detail) 

wolf (possibly the wolf zombie from graveyard) W/DB/De

girl in dress (before my spawn claim it) 

savage world guy (in pinstripes!)   - which will soon to known as " F'n Stripes"  - needs cleanup



Stonehaven halfling Psion - based 

Dreadmere villager with bag&axe 


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Have finished my orc army, which meant painting 48 figures in July. This month would like to start on my female halfling barbarian army, from TT Combat. It will include the two Reaper female frost giants, and some female humans as well. Ideally, would get that done by end of September. 

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Finally broke down and ordered some Crooked Dice stuff, so that's my goal this month. Three plausibly post-apocalyptic people, one Squid Man, a mad scientist (biology), a violent schoolgirl, a henchwoman, and a dapper rat-man. Sculpts are incredibly crisp, and I'm getting to use an airbrush! 

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finish painting my mechanicus army (gonna fail at this, but it is the goal)

paint the minis needed for the drone fashion show and humanis polis fight shadowrun sessions before game time

paint some zombicide invader stuff (if it actually shows up this month)

paint bombshell babes 4 mini (I already did this, but it was august so figured I ought to list it)

paint monks for pathfinder game + sister serenity 

paint ifrit

paint hell hounds

other low priority stuff

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