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31 minutes ago, Nightwing said:

This the bonus figure that came in Grenadier Dragon Lords 9602 Red Dragon II, circa 1989.  See my work on the Dragon here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82205-grenadier-9602-red-dragon-ii/


This guy mimics the dragon’s colors, but not very well. Overall a pretty plain mini. Im terrible with reds. Damned colorblindness...




I see no mini!

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Those are incredibly decent reds. Lots of depth and contrast without being too bright. No accidental pink at all, no over-reliance on orange. It's very well executed.


If you hadn't said you were colorblind I would not have guessed.

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I find a lot of the old Grenadier models were quite plain but I like this guy and I like your paint job too.  You may think the reds are off but they look fine to me!

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28 minutes ago, stormbreach said:

I find a lot of the old Grenadier models were quite plain


But for us old guys, it's been a great ride watching the hobby evolve over the last 40-ish years.

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22 hours ago, Rigel said:

Love his cheerleading "GO DRAGON CULTS!" attitude. The reds look great to me too!

I should have put little red pom-poms in his hands. 

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    • By Nightwing
      This is the Wizard from Grenadier’s Wizards box set circa 1980. Most of the minis from the set were called variations like Sorcerer, Illusionist, Magician, and Warlock. But there are also 2 druids and a cleric included. 
      I painted all the minis from the set in my teens, then wanted to repaint them in my early 20’s so I had my friend sandblast(!) the paint off. That eroded much of the detail. So the detail in the beard, hands, imp, is almost all painted in. 

    • By golldan
      The unpainted Pathfinder Red Dragon from WizKids. Thought I would take more time on scales to paint individually, but ended up getting larger brushes and doing some wet and then dry brushing. Wings started out as a purple, but did not like and ended up going over them with Walnut Brown. Then tried to pull in some more of the purple around mouth and in base.
      Used the Greenstuff rollers for the first time on Sculpty to create some broken title look for the base. They work well on Sculpty and it breaks nicely to create broken stone look.

      Comments and Suggestions welcome.

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      These HeartBreaker minis were the first ones I bought that weren't part of a boardgame, or Warhammer starter set. Years ago I had a fair sized Undead army, and thru the magic of Simple Green, the time has come to rebuild and repaint that army. 

      Later they were reinforced with these friendly fellows from Grenadier.

      This time around, I built them a unit tray from balsa wood, insulation foam, and wood putty.


    • By Nightwing
      This the “Knoll Totem” from Grenadier’s Dragon Lords “Encounter at Blood Valley” boxed set, circa 1987. I was gifted the set by a childhood friend a few years ago. He had painted several pieces of the set.  I figured it was time to complete the rest. 
      Interesting that they chose to spell it “Knoll” instead of the usual “Gnoll”. Not sure if it was intentional or some confusion by the publisher. 

    • By Citrine
      Yay, finished in time to enter 2013 Dragon challenge with 6 hours to spare....
      He is 2 lbs 2.5 ounces of lead, so pretty straining on the wrists. The WIP is here : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52564-teronus-grenadier-dragon-wip/
      I will likely put him on a display base later.

      With a dwarf snack for size:

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