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Wednesday Evening - Post Pizza Dungeon Gaming?

Green Eyed Monster

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I have the copy of the D&D Cyclopedia in hand.  The book is in remarkably well cared for shape for its age.

So much Old School Goodness.

I've got copies made of all the forms in the back of the book.

I'll also have my PDFs of Labyrinth Lord on my tablet, plus the pre-final iteration PDFs of Necrotic Gnomes recently concluded Kickstarter for their restatement of Old School gaming [which are going to make for some high quality books].


Twinkle Twinkle

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On 8/10/2019 at 8:39 AM, SamuraiJack said:

I'd love to do a walk through of PF2 character creation.. I'm still trying to decide if they are going to get any more of my cash and I wasn't impressed with 2E early on..

Am I hearing someone is teaching a class on PF2? I'd like to see if I can /actually/ finish a character, just to see how the final version works. My group gave up in utter disgust on the playtest.

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1 hour ago, rawlkeer said:

I know this is mostly about RPG's, but if anyone is interested I will bring the board game "Red Neck Life".

If you bring it, there will be somebody or somebodies who will probably be interested in giving it a shot.

Since we will probably going to the Grand-kid's House on the homeward bound leg I will most likely have my "bag of board-games" with us.

Looking forward to seeing everybody "real soon now".

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