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Not an original color for Ragnaros, but I like the direction things are headed. The bulk of the plate is done, and other parts are just blocked or primed. The base is also just at stage 1, dirt grime, bones etc to come. Critiques are welcome at any stage.





I think the shoulder edges will be gold (brass, copper and other options are still on the table at this time). I'm going to go with glowing green for the eyes, and a gold crown (flames an option), but we'll see...




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Well, I got the arms on, and the head. The sword is just blocked-ish (it will be done in metallics at the end), and I tried my first freehand on the shield. So far I like where it's headed. I describe in more (albeit limited) detail how I did the shield on my blog (this project is supposed to be finished as a gift for tomorrow, so I'm more focused in painting than blogging).



Just need to smooth out the eyes... and next time I would fill in the pits in the shield, as i find them distracting.



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    • By Hack Mini Painter
      It's all finished. The grass came in, and I finally finished the sword to my liking. For more pics click here.

      Thanks for looking,
    • By planetmut
      I've had Ragnaros (or Raggers, as I like to think of him) for almost a year. I was stuck on what colours to use for ages. Red and brass, my first thought, are a bit too Khorne-y for my liking, and I didn't want to do him in the classic plate mail colours. So I settled for a pretty mute palette: Vallejo Neutral Grey, a blue/grey sample from Reaper, and Army Painter Dark Tone, Plate Mail Metal and Rough Iron. I did the eyes with Vallejo Red to add some colour.
      I thought about doing something flashy with his sword and shield, but then figured that Raggers isn't the type to bugger about with flaming swords and shields made of human skin. I also wonder how easy it would be to outrun him seeing as he's wearing about three tons of armour. The figure itself is so heavy you could put it in a sock and use it to mug people.
      Raggers isn't based yet; after slathering on what felt like the fourth gallon of Dark Tone to finish him off I'm taking a break.
      As always, comments, criticisms and cash are welcome.



    • By MelmothWanders
      This afternoon's experimenting. 

      I had originally intended to try and create a red-colored metallic by mixing or glazing, but had already laid a red basecoat and the technique I wanted to try started with a metallic basecoat, so I decided to just experiment with some other techniques I'd watched. I really admire some of the space marine/robot jobs folks do, but don't have any minis of that sort and thought some of what I'd seen would apply well to Ragnaros's really segmented-looking armor. I had a lot of fun with this guy, I might end up stripping him, or just buying a few more.

    • By pinkymadigan
      Okay, so normally I start off my photo dump with a few batches/groups in mind, I do those, then by the end I'm left with a grab bag of minis that don't fit together at all. 
      In an attempt to end that cycle, I'm throwing the grab bag group in the middle of the week. Instead of the end. So these three guys all have swords. And they are dudes. Those are the only common themes I could find.
      First up, another repaint of a classic figure. The Games Workshop Barbarian from the best dungeon crawler in the history of dungeon crawlers, Warhammer Quest. His sword was long gone so I replaced it with a Reaper sword from a weapons kit. It made the mini real top heavy so I am going to have to weight the base eventually...

      Next up, Judas Bloodspire, Vampire. Super fun to paint...

      And lastly, Ragnaros, the evil warrior. I get kinda stuck on heavy armored dudes. I played with hue and color variations and various glazes, etc, but they always end up kinda 'samey' to me. There are things I liked about him though, so here he is.

      Thanks for looking, C+C welcome as always...
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