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Thunderworm: How to assemble

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I received the Thunderworm from Reaper and it is marvelous. I have six pieces for it.

The wheels are the same, obviously. But it seems that I have an extra piece. I have two axle-beam supports. In all the images where this product is assembled, it doesn't seem to have a second one.

Should I have only rec'd five pieces or is there a place where the second axle-beam support is supposed to go that I missed? Thanks!

EDIT: I sent an email to Reaper support and they indeed have confirmed that it is an extra piece. This product only should have five parts. Question answered!




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New Information (for me) from Reaper
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    • By lexomatic
      I do not understand how this mini is supposed to go together. There is a large hair bulge that is supposed to fit in the hollow of the back. I tried sliding and twisting and cannot get the head to fit on in a dry fit. I cant imagine doing this after painting.  I don't really want to try and paint  and be unable to get into corners. Has anyone posted this anywhere? Things got caught and I see white stress marks on the mini where I had to try and force it off and it makes me super nervous to try anything again.
      This is exactly why I would 100 times out of 100 take a poorly glued at the factory mini. It's effectively wasted money for me, because I can't do anything with it.

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      Hello everyone, I just received a mini in the mail today and was wondering what the best way to go about assembling the cape for it was. The miniature in question is a resin mini called Dieter Kaufmann who I will be painting up like Malcom Reynolds for Starfinder. I'm going to be painting the back of the legs before I put it on so I can actually reach it, but I was wondering if simple CA glue would be sufficient to keeping the cape on. I've attached a picture of the separated pieces.

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      Just checking.  I am soon to assemble my first small-scale multipart resin miniatures, the sort with a number of possibly fiddly bits (Eyeballing them quickly, it looks like things like arms were fairly well-designed, with integral pin/pegs and corresponding shoulder holes already provided).
      I have assembled great slabs o' resin  before, but this is the first delicate resin I've had to glue.  On the whole I favor epoxy as glue, but would cyanoacrylate glue be a better choice for little minis?  Any tips?
      The figures are more or less Egyptian-style cat people ("The Republic of Khaliman") from a French skirmish game called "Alkemy", if that makes a difference.  Lots of thin little tails and arms.
    • By Smokestack
      Being that I am 39 and rapidly approaching 40... miniature assembly (while still enjoyable) has become more of a chore...
      So what miniature ranges/companies/etc to you absolutely love putting together, and which are your bane and why...?
      Love em
      Wrath of kings- Resin/restic models. I know some hate restic, but these have grooves that make assembly easy. They are dynamic with only having really one or two ways to go together. I especially love the bigger models. (C.A.G.E., werewolves, etc....) The smaller models are ok, some though have fiddly bits (like the nasier back spikes) but overall even the smaller models are fun to put together.
      Reaper- bones models are generally one piece. The metal models come with assembly needed but nothing extensive. Generally very nice to put together.
      Warmachine/Hordes- For the same reason as Wrath of kings. The restic models go together nicely. I don't play the game so I cant comment on the metal miniatures... (though I do have a few on the one piece metals).
      Hate em
      Malifaux- The reason for this post. The miniatures are awesome. Very detailed and love the subject matter... But... Aggghhhh!!!!! they are the bane of my existence. I got The Smoke and Mirrors boxed set and the Coryphee set today. The Coryphee were not THAT bad... but the Mannequins.... 1 of them is 13 pieces... and the pieces are super tiny... Very lovely models... but driving me crazy... I like the models and hate them... I even sent a box (Ronin) to a miniature painter because I love the models but gave up trying to assemble...
      I am still waiting on my Black Friday Kingdom Death, and heard that they are challenging to assemble as well... :(
      So What miniatures drive you guys crazy?
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      Hey all!
      My DDS 2 came in the mail today, and I pulled out the tower to look at it. Boy does that stuff feel weird to an guy who has pretty much only done metal, with some resin here and there!
      So, what kind of Glue does one use to assemble the tower????
      I read Wren's post that super glue was best, but this material makes me wonder...
      Is this most people's experience?
      Also, do most folks base the whole this as a piece, or leave them separate?
      Thanks in advance!
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