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I bought Zbrush years ago, but due to the unfortunate timing of life, I didn't get to sculpt much. So I've just reinstalled it on my computer. Yay free update to the current version! I'm starting at the very beginning and am ready to figure out this software. What tutorials do you suggest? I like to follow along with tutorials. I want to make a few things for my 3D printer (Ender 3) and then try my hand at miniatures. I'm looking for tutorials that have a focus on miniatures or designing items that you can print at home. 


I have a background in fine arts. I don't tend to draw, but I did take drawing and figure drawing in college. I'm accustomed to working on larger-scale sculptures (non-figurative). I like to think that I have a good grasp of composition. 


On 8/16/2019 at 7:31 AM, TaleSpinner said:

Gene pointed me at an excellent video series for mini sculpting by Michael Pavlovich. He also has more advanced stuff.  I strongly recommend his channel. Here is a link to the start of his very comprehensive Intro to ZBrush class.


Would you suggest this as a place to start or something to look at after I've played around a bit? 



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Its a good place to start, I would also recommend...


It's the official pixologic learning centre. 

22 hours ago, Rigel said:

@rintintin I love these! Very Call of Cthulhu suitable. The gentleman looks delightfully like Vincent Price.

It started life as Christopher Lee from the Devil Rides out but I couldn't get the likeness, but I will take the Vincent Price gladly!

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I renamed the shortcut on my desktop.

Makes me smile every time I start it up!





I did not start with the Z-Classroom Intro series; I jumped right into MP's courses.

No man should be able to hold that much knowledge! :lol: He's a genius!

Through many hours of note taking, pausing, rewinding, trying it out, getting confused, taking care of sick husband, rewatching that last video because I forgot already, I was open-mouthed in awe and just watching, taking care of sick me!, going back to the videos, I now understand the basics of ZBrush.




It took about 6 weeks to get through his intro course in the roundabout way listed above.


But I did it!


And hopefully I'll be able to start showing you guys some truly ugly creations in my Mori Learns Sculpting thread soon. :)

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Now that I mostly know what I am doing, I want to go back over his courses and see what tips and trick I can glean that didn't stick the first time I watched his series.  Especially the ZModeler stuff, as I have a real need for that now.

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I'm taking some time to further develop my jewelry skills using ZBrush.  My wife and I are continuing our wedding rings for Haiti project.  I decided to try to make rings with forms familiar to the ladies of that island, so I have been researching flowers of Haiti and sculpting them.







Hibiscus (sans stamen):





I also sculpted a basket setting that I can add to rings.  This represents my first real dive into the ZModeler feature of ZBrush:



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