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Cyclops (Bones 4) - Contrast Paint Experiment

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I broke down and bought two pots of contrast paints (Darkoath Flesh & Snakebite Leather) to test on the Reaper cyclops from bones 4. I still need to base it and maybe do a few touch ups.This was a fast paint (for me) thanks to the contrast paint for the skin and loin cloth. I tried to make it a speed paint to see how it would turn out overall.


• Saved a lot of time with the skin not needing to do any highlighting or washes.
• Looks good if you get it right. I don't think I got this quite right. (See below in cons)
• Because it is so thin, being in a pot instead of dropper is begrudgingly good. Normally I hate the pots, but it works for this so you don't waste any and it is easy to get at.


• Not easy to apply. It goes on easy enough if you don't care much for the results, but the trick is definitely in how you apply it. You need to work fast, with minimal passes (ideally no more than 2 strokes anywhere) and keep it clean if you are going to use contrasts on other areas. If you use too many strokes or come back to an area after a few seconds you will mess it up. It will either build up and blotch, or pull off the paint (or both in some areas, making a huge mess).

With the cyclops being my first go I over did the flesh a bit and the leather a lot. The bag is one coat of leather (maybe a bit too thin) and the cloth about two coats as I tried to mess with it as I was applying it. I did a second mini with the flesh paint and already it looks better with improved technique and knowing what to expect.
• It is expensive. (Though the trade off is it saves a lot of time.)


A lot of potential. If you are painting for contests, not likely of use, but I believe you can get very good tabletop quality from specific colours in specific applications it if used right. Skin will be the biggest time saver. I plan on getting some colours for goblin & kobold skin to try those out.


Updates to come...

cyclops 1.jpg

cyclops 2.jpg

cyclops 3.jpg

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