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Legends of Signum Dragon Hunters - 8/20


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10 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Is it a problem on my end (and it probably is) ... but why can't I see the pictures? (Probably a security thingy in my browser?)

The pictures are showing fine for me on Chrome.

I backed their last KS with no problems and the couple of minis i got were very nice, excellent casts and sculpts, i will certainly be checking this one out.

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5 hours ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

Well well....I'm intrigued.


Here's some more information for you then.


It's going to be a boardgame set in the Legends of Signum world. The players will play a group of dragon hunters (including a dragon tamer from the mage's guild). The Dragon is on the rampage and it's dragon hunting season. The players are all competing to defeat the dragon.


While it's not an expansion for Legends of Signum and is a standalone game it will have support for using the Dragon and maybe even the Dragon Hunters in Legends of Signum.


Also the Dragon's flipping huge. Human figures in the third picture.







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