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No Books About! Grrrr

Lord Baasen

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I know what you mean. I don't win a lot but I have fun and leave a pretty corpse.


Here is one of my fav's Duelist

Nice looking mini but just one sugestion, THIN your paints... it will look even better.


Sorry, the painter in me had to butt in... but when you think them you will achieve better results and the brush strokes will not be obvoous either. (A problem of digital photography any and all defects or perceived defects are maginified)


And yes I do like that mini personally

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DON'T, will tell you why... as years pass and you get better some days you will say... but I am not getting any better... I am not going to get any better


So you look back at those first models you painted and go UGH, I guess I have.


I still have somehwere in storage my first dwarf cannoneers and cannon, and my first Mech... Heck I don't think I have repainted many minis. When we teach the kids how to paint I sometimes take to the store those first minis... when they see those minis and then see what I can do after ten years and spare change, and many minis later... they can see the progress


Happy painting



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Yes, I'll play and run CAV demos, if you leave the area.

editorial note: this is friendly banter, not anything to cause alarm, I think we work well together and the lack of emoticons could lead to incorrect conclusions.

Yeah, one of these days I'll learn to use the faces correctly



nope, that's not it





I give up

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