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14475 Warlord Raptor, Reptus

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This is an animal companion to a kobold Ranger in a module.  The character art has it light green with dark green stripes.  A little cliche, but I don’t care.


There are two arm choices.  I went with the ones making it look like he was grabbing something.  Got him ready with white primer.

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Working on eyes.  I read an article that talked about iris shapes.  It argues that  Crocodiles have vertical slits because they are ambush predators close to the ground.  Taller predators, even reptiles, would have round pupils.  So I’m going with round.



Hard to see.  I put a crescent of Khaki Shadow, then a rim of Khaki Highlight below it, a Splintered Bone glint, and re-established a black pupil.

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Working on the underbelly.


Added Terran Khaki, leaving Khaki Shadow under the veins and just under the ridge of transition from beige to green.



Khaki Highlight.  Started a lot of stippling.




Added more shadows with a little mix of Brown Liner into the Khaki Shadow.  Mainly below the veins.




Added final highlights with Linen White.



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