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Stop, (Spiritual) Hammer Time!

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First off, I never seem to be able to complete any project until I have started 3 or 4 others. So, my rat ogre, frost giants and others are still ongoing. Yet here I am, starting something else (which will hopefully be a quick one). I get an idea, I get sidetracked.


My nephew's cleric loves spiritual weapon. He casts it, Every. Single. Time. the party gets into an altercation. So I figured he needed a mini token for it. I whipped this up pretty quickly. I'm not 100% satisfied with my green stuff work, there are some bumps and bends not quite as desired, but I think it will look better painted and work as intended as a mystical swirl. The fine detail is definitely tricky. I also regret not using a bit of milliput yellow/grey in the mix, I think it would have been easier to work with and a bit stronger. Live & learn every time I sculpt something new.


Made from:

Reaper hammer option for Borin Ironbrow (07011) (I got 4 with an order, so maybe more spiritual weapons later?)

• reaper 20mm base

• paperclip

• green stuff



wip 1.jpg

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