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First Legion 75 Femme Fatale's 8/13 - 8/27


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First Legion 75mm Fantasy "Femmes Fatales" Resin Figure Kits

A new series of provocative 75mm Fantasy Resin Figure Kits, each one beautifully sculpted and cast and a joy to paint.   

Who We Are

First Legion has long been a leading producer of 60mm scale superbly hand painted historical metal and resin figures as well as metal and resin figures kits in various scales. We most recently expanded into 28mm Fantasy miniatures with a huge launch of amazing sculpts that will be coming to retail early next year.   Please visit our websites and social media for more information.

First Legion Historical

First Legion Fantasy

First Legion Facebook

First Legion Instagram  


The theme of the series is "Femmes Fatales", beautiful but dangerous women characters. Whether by force,  guile, or seduction these ladies are not to be fussed with.    There are 7 figures in total, each one more beautiful than the next and ranging in style from Gothic, to far eastern, nomadic, northern, and even an Aztec.   The commonality to them is that they are all stunning models of beautiful, dangerous women.  

Those of you who followed our 28mm Fantasy Minis Kickstarter will recognize these figures from the "Femmes Fatales" Core Set.   They were originally sculpted in 75mm scale and reduced in scale to 28mm to be included in that KS as part of our 28mm fantasy series.  We present them here as originally conceived.    

Unlike our 28mm KS, which had 170+ models, this KS is purposely very simple and very succinct.    Stunning models at great prices with rewards shipping in just 3 months!    

Pledge Levels

The first 5 Figures listed below are tied to pledge levels with selections to be made in our pledge manager following funding.   The higher the pledge level, but better deal it is on each figure.  

Early Bird Pledge Levels are open for the first 27 hours.

Add-On Sets

The last two are available as an add-ons only, or as part of the "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Pledge Level.  Finally, there are three more that will be optional add-ons tied to stretch goals. 

Resin Figure Kits

All miniatures are produced in high quality resin and provided unpainted and unassembled.

Mature Audience

The figures below contain some nudity and are not suitable for audiences under 18.

If you are offended by such figures, please stop reading and just move on.   They are purposely designed to be risqué, sexy, dangerous, and above all beautiful.    






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1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

They're about standard for 75mm figures with a small KS discount though. 75mm well cast stuff isn't cheap. Doesn't help them cost less... but... yeah :/

I still find this to be really expensive for a KS. The KS prices are equal to full price HQ minis from blacksun and similar companies, and "30/35$ Possibly higher" shipping to "rest of the world" that include Europe, for 20 grams minis is simply ridiculous. Just my humble opinion :blush:

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Price for one figure (including shipping) is pretty high, even with the early bird. Price for three figures with shipping to the US with early bird works out to $41 ea., which seems fair enough for decent resin. Note that if you were to decide later to buy any of these, I suspect* that shipping would be about what it is during the project, so there really is savings.


If I only liked one, I would be out for sure. Since I do like three, I might be in, but I'll need to decide tonight. (I don't think that would change much if I were shipping to Europe, since we're still at $46/figure.)


* Could be wrong. But I haven't really seen shipping prices go down between Kickstarter project and later mail order sales in other cases.

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Well, I only like the Knight with spear and the girl with the dragon skull, that is an add-on. 45$ + 56$ +35$ shipping =136$ or 122,5€;

Then add taxes and import fees as this is not EU friendly, I will end up with a grand total of 161€ (180$)...

Kind of crazy for just 2 minis :poke:

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Hey Guys, Matt from First Legion here.    I noted the comments on Shipping etc, and really I can't argue with the logic, particularly when backing for only a single figure to a location outside of the USA.   If you pick up only a single mini, it does get expensive.   But really, this is true of any product shipped in small amounts from the USA to the rest of the world.    Unfortunately, we don't get to set shipping prices, shipping costs what it costs, and $30 from the USA to pretty much most places in the world is around right so long as the parcel weighs less than 4 pounds.    Within the US, we pretty much only ship by UPS, so hence the cost there and we warehouse with a professional fulfillment company so there is a little bit of cost there.  However, the KS is setup such that the more of the figures you get, the cheaper it all gets, with the highest levels around 45% less than retail.     At retail, the figures will still ship from the USA and will still cost what they will cost to ship, though I'm sure some of our resellers in Europe will stock the figures as well.    So in that case, you save on the shipping, but are paying retail price in Euros and VAT on the full retail price, rather than the KS prices.      


As for the prices of the figures, well, again I really can't compare them to other MFR's.   I can only compare them to our own retail prices which are stated in the KS, the cost and quality of the sculpts, and the cost and quality of the resin castings (which are the best you're going to see anywhere).    I'm sure there are other makers who make less expensive resin figures.   So be it.   We make what we make, to the quality that we make it, at the cost that we make it for.   Our painted historical figures aren't the cheapest either, but they're worth every penny and more that we ask for them.   Our goal as a company has never been to try to be the cheapest, it's always been to try to provide best of breed products at fair prices relative to their quality.   If you like the figures, overall we think it's a very good deal, particularly at the higher pledge levels when the discounts really get pretty steep.    


As for the person who said "20 grams", you should recheck your math.   These are 75mm figures, provided in retail packaging.    I wish that 25 of them weighed only 1 pound (which is what your math works out to!), would save us a fortune shipping them to our US Warehouse!    


Plus, how often do you back a KS when you get your rewards only 3 months after backing.  ;-)    Figures will go on immediate retail sale around the same time at the retail prices listed in the KS.    The reality is that these types of figures, both in terms of the scale being 75mm and the subject matter, aren't for everyone.    But judging by the number of requests we've had for them and that the KS just reached funding about 8 hours in, those who love them really want them.    I'm sure there are many who can easily live without.  


Anyway, thanks for checking it out!







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10 minutes ago, First Legion said:

Anyway, thanks for checking it out!


Good to see you here and thanks for the information.


I have a lot of sympathy for @Cicciopiu, since I've been on the other side of that decision matrix a time or two myself. Sometimes the prices are understandable and reasonable, but just not good enough to pay.

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