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First Legion 75 Femme Fatale's 8/13 - 8/27

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Yeah, I totally get it as well.   For folks who love the minis, they'll pay what it costs.  For folks on the fence, the economics come into play a lot more.   All of it is further exacerbated by the Euro/USD value being in the toilet the last few years.   I yearn for the good ole days of a 1.35 to 1 Euro because it makes our products cheaper there.    You'd be amazed how much of our business is impacted by the GBP and Euro values relative to the USD as many of our historical products are specifically targeted to European customers.    Alas, the times we live in....   

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10 minutes ago, First Legion said:

I yearn for the good ole days of a 1.35 to 1 Euro because it makes our products cheaper there.


As an American consumer rather than producer, let's just say that my yearnings might run differently. ::D:

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And I managed to argue myself into backing this project for three figures.


I really do like the sculpting.

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Hey @First Legion Matt, thank you for the info!
Let me say I'm not argumenting about Your prices, but how expensive it will get to someone who live outside US and just want a single mini or two.
And I know it will cost more after the KS, just it seems impossible to me (poor guy have to justify to his wife) to buy this two if the price will end up in 90$ for one mini :upside:.
I also get that with the package and everithing it will be heavier than 20 grams, but again I was just talking about the mini itself... anyway it does'nt matter if 20 or 200 grams, it will still cost 30/35€ to ship it.

So basically, not your fault, not mine, but ATM I can't simple effort that prices and I'm frustrated cause I really like those particular figures!


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Sir Cyr and I agreed we really like two of them. Will ship to my mom's place to ease shipping.

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