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7 hours ago, ced1106 said:

I've seen plenty of KS fail with renders, so concept art is just as non-promising as renders. I don't expect figures to look like their renders or concept art.

Sure, that can happen as well, but if you're still in the concept art phase of things, there are two points of failure. Point 1: unable to translate 2D drawing into 3D sculpt (it is a veeeery different skillset) or interpretation of said drawing by the artist doesn't fit with my interpretation (and therefor, people are annoyed even though the sculpting skills are there). Point 2: Render failing in the being printed and molded phase, therefor having to be resculpted or project failing as a whole.


I prefer seeing at least some renders, since it gives me a good idea of the person's skill. Is it just open source humans lightly tweaked and reposed or did the person show real modelling and sculpting skills? Is their style something I like? 

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I cleaned up the halflings I got from their last KS yesterday (yeah, I'm way behind, backlog is HUGE). Nice casts, lots of detail, most of the time easy to clean up. I had one bubble that lead to a foot breaking off, but otherwise, they are really great. I saw nothing that made me doubt spending quite a bit of money on this project.

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It's nice to see them gaining speed even though the 48h mails haven't gone out yet. We'll probably see another increase in 7 hours time.

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Doublepost for important information (imho). For everyone toying with the idea to get doubles of the RPG Monster packs like me, they seem to make that option extra attractive. I didn't think they'd go through that amount of hassle, given how much miniatures there are to ship.

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I'll chime in with a few thoughts, I backed their halfling kickstarter, some notes on topics I read from posts here:


  • Sculpts are nice, not overdone but different poses etc. One point which I could complain about is that some details are very small, specifically toch handles and similar stuff, leading to easy breakage.
  • Resin is not the best I have seen but servicable, there are bubbles, which are more noticeable on larger scuplts (due to larger surface). Not optimal but nothing superbad so far.
  • Delivery was fast.
  • With Halflings some of the 3d renders were never shown, they seem to have the translation  from 2d to 3d down though.
  • Replacement for lost or missing parts was simple and fast.
  • Regarding overstretch and numbers of figures, look at the pledge, mostly the numbers are bolstered by halflings (and those burster things). They are small, so at least materialwise it should not be much of a problem (no idea about the cost of casting).


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I love the Vishgors. I wonder if these minis, Elfs or Jackals would hold up to transporting for Bloodbowl use. I have never used resin minis before for heavy handling use gaming.

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Brutus, it depends on the echo how bad it is, but we already saw an enlarged heart on the X-ray.

The echo will determine how strong his heart is, and if he needs medication.

Maybe there is fluids in a heartpocket which will need ot be drained ( and then I hope his small intestine won't be in the way, because those are in the wrong place due to a birth defect.).

I will know more Tuesday, it's scary.


Now since those medications are expensive, I'm going to lower my pledge since the KS closes on Monday and I will not know by then.

Should things be less serious than we fear then I can add those funds again in the PM.

If not then it stays lower.

That means I'm going for the Undead stuff and maybe not even all of it.

Going to do the math now and decide.


It will still mean I will be painting forever, with the Lost Kingdoms Cuetzpal / Bones V and Kensei I backed ( not to mention War Demons and Ouroborus for busts) I still have over 500 minis waiting for paint. All ranging from 28mm to huge busts and monsters


I think I need to be reasonable about this and set some funds aside for Brutus.

I can afford it all actually but who knows what more will be found.

I need to be a little careful.


For now I lowered it from 905 to 400 GBP.

Meaning If I can't add more to the PM later, I will get most of the Undead War Machines ( only one of the two Sphinx types) the exclusive Liche Lord in Chariot, the Titan and most Undead related monsters like the Scarabs, Vishgor, Anubti and all the Jackal stuff. Also the Skeletons and the Heavy Cavalry.

No Elves.

No Mummy Infantry, but I already have some from Wargods and Reaper.


I hope things work out with Brutus and that I might be able to add some more in the PM.

Edited by Glitterwolf
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Upped a little more to 525 GBP.

I will stay in for the Dead Army and then the add ons.


This will be what I can squeeze out for now.


When shoving those funds around, I could take then Dead Army, then many Undead add ons, forego on the zombies but take the necromancer with whip ( useful for other creatures as well) and than still take the Elf Hydra en the Elf Sorceress on Flying mount?

Many possibilities depending on what I will like most.

During the PM some minis will get renders and maybe I will change some choices based upon that.


Anyway, An awesome KS and I will still get a lot.

Just need to be a bit sensible about things.


Next goal, and these I will include when unlocked.



Edited by Glitterwolf
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We are holding fast on not pledging. Which hurts so MUCH! ::(:


BAD timing, Grump wants me to have a working computer, maybe because I keep stealing his. Stealing is the wrong word. Extorting? Guilting?


So many things here we each want. The elves for me, the dead for Grump.


Makes me sad passing this by. ::(:



Hell with it, I'm pledging a dollar. Not enough to break the bank, but keeping the door open.

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9 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

Hell with it, I'm pledging a dollar. Not enough to break the bank, but keeping the door open.

I'm doing the same. Too many cool stuff, but I've already spent 300€ this year on minis and my wife is starting raising her eyebrow like Spock :rock:

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21 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

We are holding fast on not pledging.


Put in a pound. The PM won't close until December. 

Plenty of time to raise funds, as well as see what Bones V has to offer.

SG's are only for *more* paid add-ons, anyway. 

Only going for the RPG booster myself, since I don't play games or armies with an Egyptian theme.

Best wishes, Glitterwolf.

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Temple Ghasts are unlocked ( Tomb Reapers in Undying Dynasties) I will get those!

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Well, I'm in at the 5 GBP level for now.  When pledge manager goes live, I'm hoping to pick up more.  Difficult part will be seeing if I can get everything I want, since I do want the Anubti and Jackals, not to mention that desert titan, as does hubby.  The Vishgor is also kind of tempting too.


The truly difficult part is going to be balancing this with all the stuff I'm going to want to pick up for BattleTech...

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