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Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

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Some more answers concerning the Brexit questions,

It seems they're one the stance that you pay for the resin ( as in production) and the minis are a reward, so they keep it all low value for customs that way?






Also this:





Ans some more interesting statements



More stuff from their latest KS.



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I will probably add some more depending on what that ultimate pledge is.

Maybe if we unlock all I also want those Temple Ghasts ( Tomb Reapers in the 9th Age Undying Dynasties Army)


There is too much good stuff here, the creator has answered my questions quick and to my satisfaction.

And the stuff from their earlier campaign convinces me that they can do this.


For those interested I have the PDF's of the Undying Dynasties Army book and the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battle Tome.

Both were free to download and without copyright.

If anyone wants those I can mail them or point you where to find them through PM.



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