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Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

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Pledge Summary

Elf Army - Elf Command Set 40 spears 40 crossbows 40 swords Hydra with crew 20 Bright Riders 3 Assassins 2 Bolt Throwers with Crew 3 Elf Chariots 10 Fliers 40 Hexes 10 Shadows 10 Gorgon Spears 10 Gorgon Archers 10 Alternate Command Mounted Hex Sorceress 20 Golden Guard 20 Slayers 20 Brigands


40mm Round Bases x 20
Qty: 2 x £2.00

Skeleton Jackal Alpha
Qty: 1 x £6.00

Skeleton Tomb Jackals
Qty: 1 x £20.00

Skeleton Jackal Horrors
Qty: 1 x £20.00

Elven Sunblaze Hexes on Velocigators
Qty: 1 x £25.00

Carnevale - Egyptian Foreign Noble
Qty: 1 x £7.00

Elven Sunblaze Hexes
Qty: 1 x £20.00

Elven Sorceress on Terrorgon
Qty: 1 x £15.00

Elf Queen
Qty: 1 x £5.00

Elf Ranger Adventurer
Qty: 1 x £5.00

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1 hour ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

I'm still holding off on finalizing my pledge until I see more stuff.


4 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I'd definitely like to see more renders before I finalize my order. That, and I'm waiting until Bones 5 is done...


PM will be open till december, so enough time I guess.

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