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Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

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9 hours ago, Clearman said:


Yeah.  I thought it was weird they didn't create this new campaign as TT Combat and leverage that reputation.


They use the Trolltrader to help them with this. They posted a link to their previous campaign a little further under the video.


I have asked several questions and the response is pretty quick.

Comments on the previous KS made me feel like I can trust them.

Some forumites here have mentioned their good experience with them.


So I'm going with this. Megadeal plus a little extra for the odd unit/hero I want that won't be included for the KS.

As for not needing all, I will resell/trade/swap the excess.

But I'm working on my Shifting Sands Project and with this I get about every unit/character/monster type I want for that and more at great value.

If I see what I get as extra stretch goals for the Megadeal ( Both Undead Army and Elven Batallion Goals will be included there) it's almost ridiculous.


So I will be blowing my hobby budget for this year on this.

Then Pledge a minimum for Bones V and when that PM goes live I will add the funds to expand more.


It seems the backers of the previous campaign were very satisfied.

There were some issues with missing minis/broken weapons/miscasts, but like Reaper they ask for a mail ( these guys do want pics if something is broken) and then they send replacements.

I wasn't sure about the renders etc, but after seeing how the minis from their previous campaign turned out I have jumped in.


Funny thing is, just last week I made a spreadsheet with everything I have and all I have ordered for my Shifting Sands Project.

I was looking at what I was missing and stuff I would like more for and then this came along fulfilling all my wishes.

I had been looking at some other companies who sell Tomb King Alternatives like the Sphinx, Catapult, Altar, Chariots etc, but this is much better value.


The Sands will shift! the Dead will rise!!!

Tombraiders and looters will no longer be tolerated!

The Old World will fall, beware the Tomb Lords!

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Mine arrived today too. Sucked up most of my attention. I was able to play a bit with stuff at lunch. The sorceress on volocigator is pretty awesome... though I managed to break her so I converted her

Greenstuffworld Roller pins, I have cobblestone, Greek, Egyptian, Aztec and Plain. ( the latter is for flattening the putty/clay before you apply a motif) These are awesome!   Some

Actually mine came in the mail today, so no tracking info for my order was ever emailed   But at least it came to the right address    

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40 minutes ago, paintybeard said:

Yes, I'm seduced by this. In for just that amazing snake hydra so far.


Aren't these the firm who did "Rumbleslam"?


So it seems. I looked them up,. yes these are the ones!

They have an add on with a Rumbleslam Team.


17 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

Really trying to not back that hydra that I'm totally going to back. I'd love to see renders, even better to see an actual production model. A cobra hydra would be so perfect for my snake god...


Do eeeet!

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7 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

only the hydra? pfffff ... my wallet would be doing a happy dance if that was the only thing of interest for me ;)


 My wallet just wrote it's farewell letter.

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They have changed the way they show the stretch goals that are included in the pledges.

Now they add a pic and the amount you get.




More Add Ons coming!








13 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I don't think I have nearly as much income as most of the people posting in the KS subforum...


I'm blowing my hobby budget for this year on this.

Only a minimum pledge for Bones V left.


As far as choices go, that Cobra Hydra is an awsome choice!

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7 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

I think I'll go for Elf Battalion and a couple of add-ons. But I don't need that many troops. Maybe I'll sell 10 Swords, Spears, Crossbows and Hexes ...


RPG Pledge has a few of everything.

You might want to add the Hydra separate then.



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Just now, paintybeard said:

Postage is astonishingly low too. I do hope they know what they are taking on.


Flat Rate Shipping for 4 pounds to Europe.



We handle all of our own shipping. We send thousands of orders each week so this kickstarter is in good hands.

UK: £2

EU: £4

Rest of the world: £6

That's it! Put as many Add-ons as you like, because flat rate shipping is in!

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