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You guys, White is hard... KRISSY from Bombshell Babes

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Starting something a little ambitious here.  I'm hoping to get this lady finished for Reaper Con to show off to the guys there.  

Something about this model was just screaming for a ceremic white look to her armor, or maybe glossy white, so I'm giving it a go and trying to see what I can do. 


Not pictured is the first few steps, but they're all pretty standard.

I primed with sprayed Stynlrez White, and saw a few rough patches so I hit them with some vallejo gloss varnish and brushed primer over them again.  I then mixed up a grey wash from a mix of Army Painter quickshades - red green and blue.  I played with this a bit but it wasn't giving the smooth coverage I wanted, so I've done a few more thin layers here of a mix of shadowed stone and MSP HD Solid White with some glaze medium. After that was done I blocked out the glow effects from her thrusters, though I think I need to clean up a few areas.




Mostly, I think I just need to smooth out my blends. They look pretty good in person but the camera reveals a lot of dodgy areas.  Once that's done, I need to go back in and decide how I'm going to do the soft sections, I think I'm going to go for a medium grey on those parts. 

I'm open to any C&C on places where I'm messing up the lighting, either the general overhead or the OSL from the vents.  I already know the boots need some darkening around the edges of the cones.

 I'm going for a kind of general with a specific bright area above and to her left when viewed from the front, and above to her right when viewed from behind, so relatively basic.


I also felt like she needs some accent colors on her suit, my wife suggested magenta, so I mocked this up on my phone as a way of thinking it out.  I think I want to use the bare head, however.  Tanned skin with dark hair and dyed pink or purple streaks.



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White is THE most pain in the Elf colour to work with on any 'large' or flat surface. 


I would probably have started with a light gray primer, given her a very thin spray of a grey metallic, and tried to 'work it up' towards white with drybrushing. 

(and ended up giving the mini a nice, long bath is some solvent or other afterwards... )   


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@Glitterwolf I've never used any of the andrea paints, but that looks like an interesting set.  

I endeavored to smooth out my blends a little, tried to get a little bit of hard edged highlights. I'm not sure yet if I'm happy with the white or not, Mrs. Wulf says it's hard to tell if it's shadowed or dirty.

the magenta is rough right now, just a straight highlight of 50/50 Golden High-Flow Quinacridone Magenta and Reaper BCA Pink.  I need to stop for tonight so I'm leaving it here.

Tomorrow hopefully I'll work on the layers to smooth the pink and focus on the head.  



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@Cygnwulf I never used Andrea before either, always Reaper, Vallejo and Scale 75.


But after trying this ( it was at a discount one time) I also bought a Flesh Set.

I can say these paints are awesome.

These sets come with a leaflet with instructions how to use them.

The coverage is awesome.


I can truly recommend these.

I paint busts as well and I have seen that many painters of Large Scale minis use Andrea and Vallejo.

Hope this is helpful.

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Ok, I think I'm basically done with her body, need to get her head done and on before I can do any final tweaks. 




I've also been working on her heads with some complications.  (I had to redo her face entirely due to a superglue incident.)

  I have these two worked up. I was leaning toward the bare head but the eyes are giving me trouble, so I played with the other head, and I'm not completely dissatisfied with it.  I have to decide fast though....


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Good work!  Although I agree that the eyes are a little off, they do look like they have some bluish shine from below.  If you are going for power/light escaping from the neck area, it kind of works as her eyes reflecting some of that light.

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3 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Good work!  Although I agree that the eyes are a little off, they do look like they have some bluish shine from below.  If you are going for power/light escaping from the neck area, it kind of works as her eyes reflecting some of that light.

I am tempted to roll with that, I wish she had more of a "collar" area to be the source of the light.  

Might try reworking them at brown instead of the blue I had originally tried to do.

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This is quite possibly the last WIP update.  I've just got to refine the glow from her thrusters, cast some glow on the base, and we're set.




I there this base together last minute. I'm am incredibly happy with it, especially considering that I spent about two hours total on it. Needs a little more cleanup but it's almost there.


Any suggestions on where to put the pin to mount her to?



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