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Elder Forge Tier 2

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Hello to all. I present you my new Kickstarter campaign, Elder-Forge Tier 2.

In this campaign I've added much models, busts and , expecially, figures in 32 mm to play with much boardgames.

First of all here is the link, so you can go directly to see on Kickstarter the main page of this campaign




So, here is some pics of my models. Hope you like them and hope you'll support my campaign. Thank you to read.

I stay at your disposal for every question. Cheers, Manuel Caterini


Bostro, the dark marauder






























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add more pics
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hello guys. I han't seen this post before then now so, first of all thank you to all your support (thank you Samurai Jack ;) ). I have added another post with more pics. Hope you enjoy it and if you like my works, please, support me!

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Received a message from KS stating that the project was canceled by the creator, and now FB info is missing. 


It's a shame as he is a very good sculptor. 

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Hello everyone. Following the trail of what was communicated a few hours ago by another artist, I decided to formalize what I decided days ago for my future. As you noticed I deleted my new kickstarter not even 48 hours after its launch. I thought, I looked inside me and decided to close the sector concerning the production and private commissions of Elder-Forge. This does not mean that I will not continue to sculpt, indeed, I am already doing it with renewed forces and enthusiasm, but only continue to realize personal projects. In a few words, I decided to abandon the world of modeling and turn my look elsewhere. It was a nice adventure. I thank everyone who supported me and the friends I had the pleasure of meeting. It is clear that I have taken this decision without giving responsibility to things, facts or people... I simply need change, I need to close a chapter and start a new one in my little artistic world. I want to live the pleasure of creating in a simpler and peaceful way. That said we will see you in heindoven, at the SMC 2019 that will be my last stage so I can greet friends. Thanks again and good life to all!
Manuel Caterini


Follows the retirement of Raul Garcia Latorre from public sculpting

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