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Dungeons & Lasers: Plastic Tabletop Scenery


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14 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Animal "companions" as stretch goals for dungeon walls?


No doubt stolen inspired from the Dungeons and Doggies campaign. <_<


IIRC, Archon / Prodos' LOAD boardgame pretty much used League of Legends (or another popular MOBA) for its sculpture designs. Archon / Prodos also used the title, Space Crusade, for a non-KS game line. Oldsters (: will recognize Space Crusade from GW's 80's boardgame. I doubt this is a coincidence. Search on "prodos space crusade dakka".


Prodos / Archon's business practices continue to repel me. Do we really want more companies like this in the hobby???



Remember - this is the company that threatened to take BGG to court because somebody did some research and proved that Prodos and Archon were effectively one and the same (a fact that they'd flatly denied to backers of both AvP and LOAD). This is the company that uses the name Load Board Games on Kickstarter because they tried to launch the LOAD project under an essentially anonymous banner because they were attempting to wash themselves clean of their past mess with Prodos.


By way of taking that last point a little further, you will note that the owner of Load Board Games on Kickstarter is Christopher Birkenhagen. He does not work for (and to the best of my knowledge has never worked for) Archon or indeed Prodos. His only link to the company is that he is the Director of Sales for Ninja Division, the company behind Soda Pop, and the company that was going to be responsible for distribution of AvP in the USA (after Prodos fell out with CMoN who were originally doing this role). Ninja shipped just 180 copies Stateside before being distanced by the project (whether by choice or force I don't know) and Prodos took on distribution themselves. Everything about the LOAD project was initially set up to avoid any possible link to Prodos and it was only when the effectively anonymous creators mentioned Unicast, that AvP backers put two and two together - although Unicast was not used for AvP v1, Prodos had already blogged about being the proud owners of this new technology that would revolutionise mini manufacturing. That linked Prodos to LOAD, a link the creator was desperate to avoid, and ultimately lead to them admitting that Archon was involved, and denying that Archon = Prodos. Archon subsequently claimed ownership of Unicast, and overnight gained a bunch of staff who were previously employed by Prodos - effectively they asset stripped the former company. I fully expect them to do exactly the same again in the future if/when the Archon experiment goes wrong.


There's a thread on BGG whereby Jarek, the owner of Prodos threatens legal action and denies being a director of Archon. In fact, a brief search of the Polish version of Companies House shows him to be the Chairman of the Board for Archon, and the sole legal representative of that company. Oddly, in the past 48 hours, he has changed the ownership of Prodos from himself to what appears to be some sort of investment holding company - trying to hide his link to them again ?




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On 8/14/2019 at 1:16 PM, John Fiala said:

I dunno.  On the one hand, it's a nice price for dungeon layouts, and it's nice that it looks like it collapses down.


On the other hand... how often do I run dungeons with sharp right angle corners?  Not very often.  I mean, currently I'm running 'Imprisoned in the God-skull', where there's no right angles anywhere. :)


My dungeons are almost always right angles. Buildings tend to be, in my experience, and it's usually how I build dungeons. Caves, maybe not so much...

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