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Names and Faces


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Name: Cranky Dog, Cranky, CD, Martin

Pronoun: He, him (it and that are also known to work)

Huggability: Yes, but expect it to be awkward as it seems I stiffen up upon physical contact.


I need to smile more.

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While I'm obviously not there this year, prior to this year, I had attended every ReaperCon besides the 1st one (04) so I feel like a elder statesmen or something for the Con. Here is a pic Tailspinner took during the 2017 Con weekend (notice the difference in Con location, ::D:). Normally I'm not one for costumes but when I seen this one I had to have it. I generally wear it 1 day out of the 4 when I'm there.




Note these days I'm generally have just a goatee growin, too hot for a full beard.


Name: Randy, Haldir, Haldek (don't ask....), Hey

Pronoun: He, him

Huggability: Absolutely!


(Just noticed how new my shoes look in this pic, these days that pair has been relegated to my non-load nights at work, aka easy shifts!)

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41 minutes ago, Thes Hunter said:

For those of you at home: here's what my hair looks like at this Reapercon


Not something I ever thought I’d be saying to someone on a miniatures forum but, I thought the blue hair you posted in your earlier post really brought out and matched your eyes, which was kinda neat.


I may try something similar with a couple of my minis... whenever I get around to it.^_^

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@Darsc Zacal - it turned out better than I had thought it would. I didn't think the blue would work well with my skin tone. However blue is much harder to get out, and much harder to get my hair back to red. 


While I'm surprised that purple isn't as flattering as the blue. Which makes me sad, because purple is a much more interesting color than pink or bright red. So easier for me to pull off on shorter breaks away from work 

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