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Wednesday Evening Pizza Megadungeon (old school D&D)

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Adventurers gather round! 


Lady Eiric and her intrepid adventurers have released the ancient evil Ka’Nefer into the ancient dungeon known as Stonehell. Ka’Nefer, Chosen of the Black Sun (an evil deity if ever there was one) has taken over the upper levels of the dungeon, and undead crawl forth terrorizing the local area. 


Various maps have circulated in town, and one points to where the menace was released…  After gorging yourselves on pizza, dare you snag one of those maps and succeed where Lady Eiric, Karl the dwarf, Kili and Koltic the (un)holy and their troop have failed? 


This old school dungeon delve will be run using the D&D Rules Cyclopedia rules (also known as BECMI D&D). Free rules are available under the name Labyrinth Lord (which are about 97% inline with the RC). 


Characters will be provided, but if you want to roll up your own, bring a 5th level character, rolling 3d6 for ability scores (you can assign them where you like), with whatever non-magic equipment you like.  I’ll hand out magic items at the table.


Any questions? 


Tagging in @Dragoneye @TripleH @Green Eyed Monster @rawlkeer @Jeepnewbie but there's always room for another sacrifice  meatshield  adventurer at my table! 

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9 hours ago, Inarah said:

Start time?  Do I need to be there when you start or is this one of those dungeon games where I can show up at any point and play until I get killed?  

When the pizza is done? But yes, drop in till your character's body drops works too!

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2 hours ago, hiddenone32 said:

If you still got room I'll join!


1 hour ago, Dalok said:

Count me in too. I'm sure I'll still be reading the rules on the plane, but I'm always up for learning a new system.

I've run tables with up to 16 players. As long as you can squeeze in, you're welcome!

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5 hours ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

I enjoy roleplaying but I absolutely LOVE mega dungeons so this sounds phenomenal. Only thing is I may still be working on my entry lol. As a dm I hate to ask but can I see if there are any spots open when we get there? If so there'd be 3 of us thatd play! 

Absolutely! And there's a fair chance I'll run this multiple nights, so even if you can't play Wednesday, you may still get in some megadungeon time! 

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