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Wednesday Evening Pizza Megadungeon (old school D&D)

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Once again another great game!  Love hanging out with these folks. 

Adventurers gather round!    Lady Eiric and her intrepid adventurers have released the ancient evil Ka’Nefer into the ancient dungeon known as Stonehell. Ka’Nefer, Chosen of the Black Sun (a

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I may be bringing one or two copies of the Warlock Rules, which is the Cal Tech Variant of D&D that developed as soon as Original D&D hit Pasadena.  Not to play but for people to look over and see if there is interest.

Biggest difference is the Magic System is completely different, and in some ways more playable than what Gygax and Arneson published.

Copies turn up on a fairly regular basis on the Bay of EEE, at prices from reasonable to ridiculous.  If you put this on your interest list, look for copies offered By Warhouse in Long Beach, Cal.  This is the shop where the original publisher, Balboa Games is based, same shop, same location for more than 40 years.  His offerings are New Original Stock or Brand New short printing runs, and the best price available.


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