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Eberron Homebrew (5e)

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Gerryl stood with them.  He had read of Droaam and knew it was a place that many authors talked of going to prove yourself, but he'd yet to meet anyone who actually had. He was just about to bid them luck with their journey when the warforged started talking.    His startled response died on his lips when he realized what the newcomer was talking about, and instead his mind began to race, and he listened in eagerly for their response.

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Daniell remains quietly interested in the proceedings half raising a hand to comment a time or two but not jumping in.  The thought of visiting his homeland would be interesting but having to explain to his sister that he has to leave town before her next gala is not a conversation he wants to have. Maybe if he leaves quietly...

He speaks up to the group "I used to live in that area before the war and I have some knowledge and abilities that could help make the passage safer.  I would appreciate the opportunity to return and see what has happened since I left." 

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