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75mm Tara from Bombshell

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Working on my Reapercon piece.. still trying to get the skin tone highlights right.  Probably need to thin my paints more..


Paints used:



Scale 75 Inktensity Olive

Vallejo Red Leather + 9025 Burgundy wine

9305 Tarnished Copper

Vallejo Red Leather

Vallejo Red Leather + 9306 New copper

9686 Gothic Crimson



29843 HD Solid black

9137 Blackened Brown



Scale 75 Inktensity Chestnut

Scale 75 Inktensity Wood

9670 Pumpkin Orange

Vallejo transparent orange

Liquitex Burnt Umber Ink

Liquitex Raw Sienna Ink

Liquitex Burnt Sienna Ink













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7 hours ago, jonfreeman said:

curious - what was the green skin undertone for?  (hadn't seen the technique/approach prior)

It helps with the shadows and look of translucency to the skin, by basing in the complimentary color.  A bit of a call back to an old masters method called "Verdaccio".  If you make it to Reapercon I know Shoshie Bauer, who is an instructor this year, can talk it through in detail.

@SamuraiJack, she's looking

g great, btw


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Corporea also talks about this method on occasion..


@Cygnwulf Thanks.. working on getting the skin tone smoother.. hoping to get a silver medal this year..

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