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The Blight Paranormal Investigators (No Megans)

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Starting in a few months.


Megan doesn't believe me, but I actually have very little planned out ahead for this - I wasn't at all prepared for the players to actually go for it.


Hammered out the first adventure - with the following inspirations:

The Haunting of Hill House

Return to Hell House

13 Ghosts (William Castle)

Thirteen Ghosts (Dark Castle)

The Anvil player home in Oblivion

The 'haunted' house in Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. (In this case, the folks faking the haunting don't know that the house really is very much haunted. The housekeeper does - a rather nasty witch, she is.)


The second adventure is not all that fleshed out yet - but is based on Victorian posthumous photography. (And the belief that photographs can bind the soul....)


Following the pattern that Paizo established - the first adventure is quite deadly, the second one less so. Another lethal adventure in the middle, then a final killer scenario as the climax of the campaign.


Encounters include a vampire by the name of Egan Olney - evil, but not one of the villains in the campaign, he is an information broker and Liaison to the undead hiding in the Blight. Also known as The Master of the Shambles - living in a forgotten basement below a slaughterhouse. (Licking the blood off the walls level of crazy.)


There is a line drawn across the floor, showing how close the PCs will be allowed to come. (He is very, very hungry, and does not trust himself if they come any closer.)


Aldlyke Cemetery also seems like a good fit. Probably around level 5.


The Auld Grump

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I already have rough plans for the climax of the campaign -   The villain is the Church of Grace, who are keeping a bound angel as prisoner....   It turns out that just becaus

Hmmm... adding Jezebel and Scratch, AKA Sophia and Jacobs to The Blight.   Sophia - called Jezebel by those that dislike her - is a succubus passing herself off as a streetwalker and private

Starting in a few months.   Megan doesn't believe me, but I actually have very little planned out ahead for this - I wasn't at all prepared for the players to actually go for it.  

Posted Images

Putting together some 'set' maps - maps for general locations rather than specific places.






Streets - winding, narrow - with stairs and open gutters.


Many are from Heroic Maps - others I am cobbling together with Campaign Cartographer.


Level 6... I think will be Hadeshill Asylum, with the PCs working for the city....




Haunted, cursed, and in a loop - but with damage holding over.


Folks that die there never get out, even in death. (Including PCs.)


Swapping back and forth between the abandoned version (present day) and the intact version from thirty years ago. The PCs will have different names in the intact version - but will otherwise be identical to their current counterparts - and old photographs show them as being there.


This will be one of the lethal scenarios. (The place is not entirely of this world - with part being a playground for the Between kyton.)


The end... the PCs will believe that they have killed the Between kyton, but when they turn over the keys to the cleansed asylum... he will be the one accepting them on behalf of the city. (And the cycle begins anew.)


I originally wrote this part for Call of Cthulhu, when I first bought the maps.


I will be using photographs of a 19th century asylum here in Maine that has been abandoned since 2004. 11,647 people died within the confines of the Augusta Mental Health Institute, over more than a century. And there are no records of where some of the bodies were buried.




The Auld Grump

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Hopefully the Terrain Crate 2 KS will be delivered by the time I get to the Asylum - odds of a rusty hospital bed squaling along, unattended?




I may end up cobbling together a gurney instead....


*EDIT* Using the table from the Torture Chamber - just adding wheels.




The Auld Grump

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Other things to use -


From a travel article on Abandoned Asylums


The Auld Grump - I will crop it, and then make it sepia tone.


*EDIT* Or maybe not - it might be better if the party finds bodies that were supposed to be cremated. (There have been at least two other incidents, as well as one that was an accident in the 1800s - when the owner of the crematorium died and no one thought to see if there were any bodies that had not been cremated. One was found about a hundred years later.)

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I already have rough plans for the climax of the campaign -


The villain is the Church of Grace, who are keeping a bound angel as prisoner....



It turns out that just because he is being kept prisoner by the bad guys really doesn't mean that he is one of the good guys - we are talking kind of Old Testament style, here. He is old school bad news.


The Location -


Down in the crypts, of course.


If I can get one of those cheap chromed plastic trumpets that sometimes pop up in party stores then he will be swapping out the punch dagger for something a little louder.


One might even say earth shatteringly loud. :devil:


Before he was bound, the Solar was sent to bring judgement.


"I am an angel. I kill first borns while their mothers watch; I turn cities into salt; I even, when I feel like it, rip the souls from little girls. And from now until Kingdom Come, the only thing you can count on in your existence...is never understanding WHY."  -The Archangel Gabriel: The Prophecy, played by Christoper Walken


The Auld Grump

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Hmmm... adding Jezebel and Scratch, AKA Sophia and Jacobs to The Blight.


Sophia - called Jezebel by those that dislike her - is a succubus passing herself off as a streetwalker and private investigator. Alignment Chaotic Neutral shading toward Chaotic Good. The first encounter with her is likely when she tips one of the PCs off that they are being followed by armed professionals carrying concealed weapons, and that she thinks that there will be at least two more on their most common route home.


After which she will swat said PC on the rump, wink, and say 'later sweetie'.


If things begin to go badly for the PC, despite the warning, she will attack the thugs from behind, while they are attacking the PCs. If she is wounded in the altercation her disguise will drop. (Whoops.)


The mini for her is Bourbon St. Sophie - at least once her guise drops.


Jacobs - called Scratch by those that dislike Sophia (no one much likes Jacobs) is a pit fiend, also wearing a human guise. Alignment a pretty solid Lawful Neutral - he really only cares about one person in the entire world, and that is Sophia. Because of their natures, he cannot take her as a lover, at least not yet - and if Sophia is attracted to one of the PCs, he will be giving the 'if you hurt her in any way' speech.


He appears to be a rather gaunt, middle aged man, whose thinning hair is swept away from his brow in such a way as to resemble horns. His ears are slightly pointed, giving a hint of elvish blood, and he has a sharply pointed goatee. Bitter, dour, unfriendly, but with a surprisingly kind heart on occasion.


They live within easy ear shot of a church, and will stop and listen when the church bell rings, giving a slight shudder, followed by a slight smile.


Together they form J&S Investigations.


The other thing I am adding is the Esoteric Order of Wheelwrights - pretty much the Freemasons. Sometimes they will be antagonists, sometimes they will be protagonists, and most often... they are just looking into the same sorts of things that the PCs are looking into.


The Auld Grump

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And, what I think will be the standard background music - shifting to other lists for specific locations and scenarios


3 Hours of Scary Creepy Dark Suspense Horror Music - Peder B Helland.


Three More Hours - also by Peder B Helland.


The Auld Grump


*EDIT* I ended up buying the individual tracks from Dark Music World, and will probably buy some more as well

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I am giving Egan Olney a number of bolt holes - he has a dozen scattered over the city.


Some are very unpleasant.


Some are forgotten places, others are crypts, sewers, and the upper reaches of warehouses. And, yes, the forgotten cellar below a slaughterhouse.


And each has a 'coffin' that he can scurry to, if needs be.


He is a coward, but one cursed with a curiosity that is stronger than his cowardice. His trade is information.


It is quite likely that they will see him in a number of disguises, or not see him, as the case may be.


The thieves' guild they are most likely to deal with also has a number of bolt holes and safe houses, and are more likely to flee than to confront.


Ditto for a cult of necromancers that they are likely to run against - worshipers of our old friend Orcus. The party actually has an 'opportunity' to meet one of his lesser avatars -


In part because Megan was freaked out by his goat eyes when I was painting him.


The Auld Grump

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One of the key points in the first adventure is a time lock on a secret door in the basement - but the longcase clock that governs the lock is on the ground floor. (In order to pick the lock they need to do it at the clock, otherwise they need to wait for it to strike three AM - and, unless they block the door open, the door closes and locks again at 4 AM.)


The clues from the clock are subtle - a faint grinding noise noise just before it strikes 3, and a thunk as the counterweight governing the door drops.


The housekeeper kindly keeps the clock wound, including the heavy counterweight that is concealed in the wall. The clock itself only needs to be wound once a week - but the counterweight for the door needs to be reset every night.


Stealing part of this from The Legend of Hell House - the original owner is still there, in that secret room, a flawed alchymical Undying/Unliving creature.


Driven by instinct until after he has fed, his conscious thought only lasts a few hours after feeding, then dwindles again - but he is not able to feed more than once a day.


The the Int, Wis, and Cha of whatever victim he consumes defines his abilities for those scant hours. While he retains his own memories, his cogent abilities mock those of his most recent feast.


His feeding is not that of a vampire - he steals the victim's spirit via their breath - which manifests as a luminescent white mist - draining 1 point each of Int, Wis, and Cha from a sleeping or helpless victim


The guests at the party that was supposed to celebrate his ascension to Undying status instead became his first victims - his, and those of his housekeeper.


The cells they were kept in still house their corpses,  some (but not all) reduced to mere zombies, some simply corpses, and a few tormented undead things, with tatters of intellect still present.


What he doesn't know - even in his lucid hours - is that the housekeeper poisoned his elixir, and fully expected him to die of it. Now she is bending her efforts to maintaining his Undying/Unliving state, but not to finding a cure - she truly hates the man. And she truly has reason to.


The sound of the clock is heard throughout those hidden rooms - The Crying Age by Morthound.


Which may lead to the PCs thinking that the clock doubles as his phylactery. (It did for a while - then I scaled him way back.


Continuing to add to the music -

Prokofiev - Dance of the Pagan Monster.


The Auld Grump

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The housekeeper -


Chatelaine Anders


The reason why she hates him so -


Rebique Anders - Her daughter, now gone mad.


*EDIT* Chatelaine Anders is a witch, her daughter is an oracle. The party does not want to visit the attic, unannounced.



Magic Items from the adventure:


The Bone Flute, a musical instrument made from a length of human leg bone.


The Bone Planchette - carved from a human scapula from the same body as the flute.


The Auld Grump

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