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Coerced into making terrain... kinda.

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With my wife and I preparing to buy a house we've been clearing out a lot of our clutter to make packing and moving easier. We've also been working hard to bring in extra money too, and this project will hopefully do both.


Today my wife signed up for a craft fair to help sell the wreaths she's been making for the upcoming holidays. From what she's heard from friends and other crafters this particular craft fair is really eclectic and pulls in quite a diverse crowd. As she told me about it that's when the idea seemed to hit us both, why not try to clear out all that terrain junk I've been hoarding?


So instead of sitting down and painting or creating my latest joke piece I got started. First up was a couple of single tent encampments. I made one on a rounded base to better fit in a table of terrain and I made the second one squared to fit better on a grid system. 20190820_234355.thumb.jpg.6dc06dc854c538b4d09170138330b9dc.jpg


Both pieces have their good and bad points but like usual I learn by doing; no amount of research or prep work make up for actual experience. Which is the main reason I made these single tent camps. Hopefully I've learned enough to make any subsequent larger camps better.


Next up are a couple of joke pieces that were honestly going to get made anyway. That's right, they'll be 40k statues when I'm done with them, besides Buzz looks kinda like a space marine already. I had some glue left over so I also started making some sci-fi barrels and I know I'll be making a ton of those.



The last piece of the night is going to be a simple 40k watchtower. At the moment it's really just in its infancy. The main features are finished barring creating a door and applying some details to the piece. 



Now before anyone gets too excited, I'm not selling any of these pieces online or anything like that. These are literally pieces that are made to be sold for less than five bucks or so and are really only being made to clear out my hobby hoardings. 

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5 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Nice! What are you using for the spigots on the barrels?

Those are made with a small piece of plastic made with a hole punch and topped with a tiny bead. Its basically the same "recipe" from Black Magic Craft (at least I'm pretty sure that's where I originally saw these).

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@lowlylowlycook, here is a better explanation of how its done. Take a thin plastic lid, like from a pretzel container or a baby formula canister, use a standard sized hole punch to create the small circle. Glue the circle to the barrel and then glue a tiny bead on top of that. 20190821_161217.thumb.jpg.a63b04f83a7c76d7fca5cbe541a7b8f5.jpg

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Made some progress building today and after tonight I definitely have to start painting things. First up was adding a door to the watchtower, which I completely forgot to photograph. I did however grab a quick pick of it primed alongside Woody and Buzz.20190821_174341.thumb.jpg.7bc1526d15bcee5c8caae0e3374703df.jpg


Next up was some more barrels. With these I have completely cleared out all the caps I had in this size. I even had to pause at one point during final assembly to punch out some more of the circles.


This is not a photo of what I made, this is what is left after I already went ahead and made some overflowing barrels.20190821_230124.thumb.jpg.d03e57daefa806dc18bd06f09a85b171.jpg

And the aforementioned overflowing barrels.20190821_230057.thumb.jpg.922a39bfbd724ca6d05ef218e5662c7b.jpg


Then I got back into the meat and potatoes of this project. Having seen a similar bunker at my local shop I finally made one of my own. Seriously I've wanted to make this for a really long time and I couldn't even tell you how long I've had the container for this piece.20190822_000736.thumb.jpg.40a56f20ee0abe9d2176ef66a04d4f6d.jpg20190822_000750.thumb.jpg.6fe8b84e190e5f1bc06389cb9d37acf8.jpg

Naturally I'll remove the rim from the lid I used as a base, but I figured I might as well use it during the assembly process. 


I also made my first bunker using the lid from a baby formula canister. I made the supports for the roof much too long, but you know me; I learn by doing. Plus considering I'll be making like ten more of these I'm not too worried that the first one didn't come out perfect. 20190822_000904.thumb.jpg.1021bd347831a71ba2d9e3529b5fdada.jpg20190822_000835.thumb.jpg.8b83f26850cd1193218b57caf0d04757.jpg

As with all good gaming bunkers I plan to keep the roofs removable so you can actually get figures inside.


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Only a small update tonight as I'm going to get a good night's sleep instead of working. I kinda wore myself out this evening building my wife's wreath display. Between redneck engineering and the plethora of online instructions I managed to cobble together a large screen for hanging/displaying her wreaths. Well, its only one panel, but now that I made one it'll be much easier to make the others.


While building that first screen however I did prime the starting two bunkers.


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Finally managed to start painting tonight, though all I really did was basecoat the ground. I know that isn't the usual order but for this project I really needed the ground to help me choose the colors on the actual pieces. Besides the plan is to leave them basecoated, paint the structures to completion, and then come back to finish the bases.


First up is the large bunker. The plan is to just paint a small path leading into the bunker, though seeing as it's more like a fancy gazebo perhaps that isn't necessary. 20190825_222517.thumb.jpg.b7e32cb8ef8ccdb2a37301eda40fb7f2.jpg


Up next is my "better" bunker and I think the path idea looks great. I also trimmed the edge of the lid base down making the piece look worlds better. For the two statues I decided to use the same dark color to indicate their presence on a path or perhaps in a town square. 



The watchtower also recieved the path treatment. 



 And finally the single tents recieved their starting brown color. Now these two could be painted to completion, but I decided to hold off and finish their bases alongside the others. 


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I wasn't actually looking but I managed to find some figures that were just begging to be used. They're just cheap pirate figures from a dollar store bag, you may have even seen them on Miniature Mashup, but at $.50 I couldn't pass them up. Seeing as I don't already have too many pieces to finish, I built two more pieces.


A Captain Morganesque statue...20190826_235959.thumb.jpg.d8f92a8577e7dab2dc076ff3f1ee3802.jpg

and a very odd fountain. 



Everything else recieved a simple black wash, after I finally got the mixture correct; and boy did I make too much of that. 20190826_235743.thumb.jpg.28dd5436d50197751799f55264c86ce0.jpg20190826_235808.thumb.jpg.bd5980a134092d2438139d2cf0df0671.jpg20190826_235818.thumb.jpg.4b6c1d8c49cba2796513e829d3270867.jpg20190826_235923.thumb.jpg.572741cae5a30268c983784d6342b4d5.jpg20190826_235901.thumb.jpg.d3a79e8158421dd717e085ee6ad7a8f3.jpg


Now that I've got a better understanding of the pieces and just what my terrain paint can do I'll start into the detail work. I know it's not necessarily the proper order but this like all my terrain pieces has an ebb and flow.


Now that I can see the actual colors I can more easily work in the details that will make each piece unique. As I've said before, I learn by doing and each piece so far is simply a proof of concept.

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OUTSTANDING STUFF! The pieces just keep getting better...terrain making is highly addictive you know. 

I did some 40K scenery for friend, Justin's games a few years ago:




You might find an idea or two...pages 2 & 3 are more man made than natural.

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Thanks for the inspiration @malefactus. I'll definitely be taking some ideas if not outright ripping off your soda can holding tank. 


For this project the real limiting factor is that I'm trying to use only what I have on hand. With luck I'll be able to use everything up before we move. I'd hate to pack a box full of empty formula containers, lids, and random bric-a-brac.


Being in an apartment is just one of the reasons I never bought foam board, or really built big terrain pieces period. We simply don't have the room for large pieces that wouldn't see much use. When I finally get a chance to try out foam board though I'm definitely checking out your rock formations again.

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I am glad you found the photos of use. The tall top on the one tower . pg. #3, is made by Armor Cast.

You have will enough empty cans in no time once you are settled.


2 hours ago, Rat13 said:

For this project the real limiting factor is that I'm trying to use only what I have on hand. With luck I'll be able to use everything up before we move. I'd hate to pack a box full of empty formula containers, lids, and random bric-a-brac.


Being in an apartment is just one of the reasons I never bought foam board, or really built big terrain pieces period. We simply don't have the room for large pieces that wouldn't see much use. When I finally get a chance to try out foam board though I'm definitely checking out your rock formations again.


OUTSTANDING! I'm out of room for foam pieces myself, but I can give you some ideas once you get started.

Edited by malefactus

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Well the first couple pieces are finished. Mostly it was just a little detail work, in most cases this was just adding decals, and finishing the bases. 


First up is the little bunker, which I'm seriously considering keeping.20190827_212229.thumb.jpg.fb7a2dd49148287c3b5392ab51fe678b.jpg20190827_212247.thumb.jpg.11730efdc54776c8ca4129c61da412d5.jpg


The second bunker which will be replicated at least a couple more times. I think if I can get the roof just a tad lower on the rest this "design" will look really good.



I may not build another watchtower but it has given me some ideas for other pieces. If nothing else I think it'll be sufficiently big enough to attract at least some attention from passerbys. 20190827_212355.thumb.jpg.a06be835bdb43e17c4b9463441964c30.jpg20190827_212406.thumb.jpg.36855773cf53ad3397ea0720dbf5db29.jpg


The statues really only got a light drybrush of metallic silver to finish them. Again I'm conflicted because either I keep the Buzz statue or I buy another copy of the figure so I can make another one later. If we're being honest he does a great job as a standin for a Space Marine statue. 



Last of the finished pieces are the single tents. Though I'm not exactly thrilled with how the campfires came out I think they are fine for a basic piece. It's something I'll need to work on when I paint the next set though because I am definitely making more of them.20190827_212425.thumb.jpg.0eb6655890e1528f09c6829ff7c28e73.jpg


As for the next pieces I based the new statues.20190827_214916.thumb.jpg.7a50665b62e113867484379465e442a4.jpg


Prepared the overflowing barrels for priming.20190827_214943.thumb.jpg.3148746dbac7fcca10cbfaf42002b85c.jpg


And just to round out the night I built another big piece.20190827_230000.thumb.jpg.95062b56c5463e9758ddb3c415a7fc28.jpg20190827_230016.thumb.jpg.0bd5a7ff2bb197fc8eee6d2a96c83548.jpg


Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to prime everything and I can continue turning out terrain for the show. 


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41 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

The transfers really sell those bunkers.  


I'm intrigued by your latest big piece.

My local shop sells transfer sheets at basically as many as you want for a buck, so I've been stocking up since I first started playing 40k this year. My hope was that the transfers would be enough to complete the pieces. Though I'm pleasantly surprised that just a couple transfers per piece was enough to really make them pop.


The next big piece will definitely live and die on the strength of the ooze/run off. The odd pieces on top and the red piece at the bottom were from some old Wendy's toy. The spout itself is actually half of the ring piece I saved when I created my Fabulous Squad's barricade. 

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The next set of pieces all got primed today, so to continue making progress I spent tonight building. It was a pretty good night output wise, I'm definitely getting quicker as a builder. I'm quite pleased with one piece in particular and I think it'll be obvious which one.


First up is a batch of pieces; with how ordinary they are I decided to photograph them together. The first is another Toy Story statue; I'm thinking of doing this one as a stone statue for a fantasy setting. I also made a small run of fencing using some premade fence from Pat Catan's (ours is closing and I have like fifty packs of this because they were going for $.18 apiece). Finally I went ahead and made my first pipe piece complete with an oozing rupture.20190828_213517.thumb.jpg.141525a6663b614a4d1e98c4698be2b3.jpg


Next up is a container that will become a refinery or furnace. I know for sure I'm going to try making cotton smoke coming out of the top but everything else is still up in the air. So the plan is to let it sit on my desk for a bit and see what I come up with.



"Papers please..."20190828_213638.thumb.jpg.bfda314f5a7593d2c2fa521fbb82382c.jpg


The final piece of the night is a small checkpoint. With how few pieces this takes to make and how interesting it is even in it's current state I'll definitely be making more of these. 

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      Guns, ninjas, hobbits, dogs, monkeys, pumpkins, and mancatchers. 

      Sure, you *say* you could otherwise do some conversion. But good luck finding a mancatcher *and* a monkey.
      Stuff's in metal and cast in the USA. Magnets are from China, but they have multiple suppliers.

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      So awhile back Uncle Adam on the YouTube mentioned something about making a Halloween themed killteam scenario. It seemed like a pretty good idea and after a lot of thought I decided to give it a try. How hard could it be to make a custom scenario for the spooky season? Having seen quite a few interesting wave based custom scenarios I knew that was the way I wanted to go. I also knew I wanted to use the undead (zombies and skeletons). 
      So the first problem is that I don't have enough zombies and skeletons for a wave based scenario. Not exactly wanting to break the bank for what will probably be a one off game I started looking for some cheap zombies. Turns out I didn't have to look hard or for very long. Zombies!!! Glowing Bag O' Zombies was just the ticket with 100 zombies (in four sculpts) for about $12 all in.

      Now they're a little on the small size, but again this is a one off game. Besides painting a hundred figures for a one off game I don't think my buddies will have too much to say. Armed with this bag and the few undead I already have I think I'll have enough enemies to go around. Or maybe I need another bag?
      I started out the night with two different sculpts with the simple intention of figuring out color schemes. First up was either a construction worker or a hunter, and honestly even after painting it I'm still not sure. As I blocked out the colors I was better able to see the figure's details, though I still don't know if it's a construction worker or a hunter. Would you call that a construnter?
      I hit everything minus the skin and gore when I had an idea. I just might be able to put that grey primer to work. With just a red wash I might be able to completely skip painting the skin and gore.

      I wouldn't exactly call it a success, but it's not terrible. This guy will probably squeak by as is but it looks like I'll be painting skin afterall. 
      Next up was a fellow carrying a severed leg. On this one I painted a skin tone but used just a wash again for the gore. 

      I think it looks better, but I'm still on the fence. 
      Though neither figure is finished I can't believe how quickly they painted up. Knowing that a batch paint was the next step I attached all the construction/hunters (construnters) to craft sticks. 
      Then seeing how much paint was leftover on my palette from this and a previous project I went ahead and basecoated all the pants. 

      I did not expect to do so much in just one night, but then again we all know I won't keep this pace.
    • By ChristopherGeorge
      Hi Guys,

      Just thought i'd share this project with you. i've been working on it for a few weeks now. I run a weekly gaming session using a home brew system that we've been working on for about 20 years, but this post isn't about that - though if you're curious please send me a message i'd love to chat about it. 
      First as is the tradition - the completed board in all it's glory. On the surface, it's nothing unusual, however hidden inside each tile is a small rare earth Magnet. I'm also placing magnets on the bottom of the miniature bases. This gives the miniature a very nice pull towards the board and keeps everything in it's proper square. I'm also going to produce walls, columns and doors each with magnets in to allow me to customize the terrain. I chose a typical dungeon style flooring as it's easier to get a good grid pattern going. Though given that there's magnets in the board, i could easily design tiles to sit on top of the board with other terrain types. I'm trying to think of a way to get an outdoor setting and still keep the grid going. 

      and now to the construction.
      I began with a thing piece of panel wood only about 6mm thick as the base for the board and placed little rubber stoppers on the bottom for feet (i didn't think to take a picture of that as it's not very exciting.) This board is going to to be the base for the board. On top of them I placed 3d printed tiles. There's only about eight different designs of tile, but with placement and paint they come up looking very distinct. It took about four hours for my little Anycubic Filament Printer to print the tiles (and I had alot of help from some friends and the local 3d printer store) Each tile is 4x4 squares with each square bring 30mm. Each Tile took about 5 hours to print. 

      On the underside of the tile is small circular holes about 10mm wide and 2mm deep just big enough for the magnet - though with the print tolerances of the printer i did have to use my dremel to widen the gap so that the magnet could fit comfortably.In the end, i applied superglue to make sure that the magnet wasn't going anywhere. I also had to mark the magnets to make sure that they were all facing the same way. (I'm also thinking about adding a few magnets of the opposite polarity into the base of a Beholder Miniature to see if i can get it float, but that might be just a pipe dream)

      Once the tiles were finished it was simply a matter of spraying the board black as a printer and placing a thick coat of grey paint. I simply used the Acrylic paint from the local art store rather than my Citadel paints. This simply acted as the base coat and then i simply built it up in layers with dry brushing lighter shades on to the board to give it depth.

      Once this was done I simply mixed in some blue with my paint added a bunch of water to water it down and made a thin wash to bring out the details. I'd need to come back in and add in some of the features, such as the trap door and drains. I also sprinkled some Skulls, broken weapons and shields for good measure onto the board. 

      Once the painting was done, I used a thick mud agent, I can't remember the brand from my local gaming store and then covered the whole thing in flock and sand to give it a grimy, slimy feel. Unfortunately, my poor AnyCubic didn't survive the process (May it rest in peace) So this gave me the opportunity to buy a Resin Printer - A Creality LD002S. The Goblin Wolf Riders were my first print. Actually really impressed with how they came out. Other than the clean up, It wasn't too difficult. I used a water soluble Resin to make things easier to keep neat. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process was - It was much much easier than dealing with Filament printers. 

      Once the board was finished, I then cheated and had the board framed at my local picture framing store (the only thing i didn't do myself.) Once I got the board back, I thought it looked a little plain So i decided to glam it up - Also was a good excuse to stop printing Mini's on my 3d Printer So i thought i'd print a Celtic pattern around the edges. I knew that i wouldn't be able to print them in one solid peice (Resin printers only downside is a small print bed) So i decided to make little tiles. 

      I designed these tiles myself, grabbing the celtic design online and then simply just adding them into 3d builder and setting a thickness to them. A quick coat of gold Spray paint and they came up looking real shiny.. Too shiny.. I added a wash over the gold to attempt to dull them, the pictures don't really do it much justice, but on the board it breaks up the gold really nicely. 
      By this stage i was feeling pretty clever with myself, so i thought i'd added another feature, Gemstones in the frame. this proved easier than I thought, I quickly found an STL file for the gemstone and then it was simply a matter of giving them a coat of Citadel's technical range - Waystone Green, Soulstone Blue & Spiritstone Red. The finished photo really doesn't do justice to the how the gemstones came out. 

      and there you have it. About 6 weeks to complete (most of this time was waiting for my anycubic 3d printer to finish printing the tiles)

      Let me know what you think! I can provide the STL Files for the tiles if anyone out there is interesting in having a go at making one for themselves

      We're shutdown right now because of the Corona Virus, so no RPG for us for a while, but i can't wait to get back into it with our shiny new board.


    • By Inarah
      Coming soon, sometime this month. 

    • By Loim
      A kid who works for me plays 40K, and was showing me a color scheme he liked. I asked if I could give i a shot on one of his minis, so he gave me this one to paint up. I tried to get a decent result while doing it as fast as possible. Counting priming and sealing I think this is about 2 hours and some change. I did a zenithal prime with Stynylrez, and all colors are RMS with the exception of Nuln Oil and Seraphim Sepia. 

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