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Evil Dead 2 The Board Game ... Back From The Dead!!!


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It's back. From the project page:


" A few years ago, another company successfully launched an Evil Dead 2 board game campaign that was never fulfilled to its backers. This other company collected all of the money and delivered nothing to thousands of Evil Dead 2 fans that participated in their project. Because of this travesty, Jasco Games, in collaboration with Lynnvander Studios, the Evil Dead 2 licensing group, and our other partners have come together to bring Evil Dead 2 The Board Game back from the dead. We're calling this campaign a Heartthrob Campaign. What that means is if this campaign successfully funds, all of the backers of the previous campaign (that we had nothing to do with), will be getting a copy of Evil Dead 2 The Board Game for only the cost of shipping (that's right, free + shipping)."



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I wanted to make a separate post for my thoughts, though this might get attached to the main project post anyway.


I was a backer of the original project, so I have a very selfish hope that this new project succeeds. Even if it does, I will have to pay (again) for shipping. I paid $95 the first time for a deluxe early bird and shipping. Shipping does seem to be EU, Canada, Aus and US friendly at least.


I do think it's a pretty interesting game, which is why I backed in the first place. It's a semi co-operative game where any player can become a deadite and turn on the others during a mission.


They have an optimistic goal, $195,000 with only one pledge level of $59. Of course they need to be able to fund a very large run (the original project had 6143 backers, plus there were retailer pledges and the FAQ section mentions some games sold elsewhere that will also be fulfilled if this funds, so I can understand the high amount needed. 


They have the complete game so fulfillment shouldn't take too long. They have April 2020 as a delivery date. No listed stretch goals, but there is a graphic novel add on available.


The minis look nice, though the details look a bit soft. The Detailed Model Turns (Good & Evil) section has some good looks. Decent looking board game figures, and they've already gone through licensor approval during the original ks.

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21 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

What happened to the original project?


edit: nvm, found the old thread.

For others interested in referencing it, the old thread, which has been locked, can be found at this link:


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I see this the other way around.  I think Jasco is really laudable for attempting to clean up the mess the Space Goat left on the floor.

Jasco doesn't have to have anything to do with the failed Evil Dead project.  But they're trying to pick up the pieces for the backers and the brand.

Seriously, if this game funds, they're planning to deliver to all new backers as well as backers of the original project- and I think that's really awesome.  And Jasco have a strong track record and good reputation.

I didn't back the first Evil Dead 2 project, but I'm definitely in favor of this game funding and delivering to all of those previous backers.

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