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Exquis' Bust Adriana - "Mrs. Jones" (pic heavy)

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Hey gang, I'm taking a dive into Bust painting, starting with a bust I scored from The Ouroboros Miniatures' Exquis Kickstarter: Adriana.  I'm calling her Mrs. Jones just due to her striking resemblance to Jessica Jones from Marvel Comics; but I digress. 


Firstly it was mold line and flash removal followed by a bath.




I figured I would make this a project of several firsts.  I attempted a Z-Priming via rattle cans.  Yes, I know an airbrush is so much smoother, but I haven't the equipment or space for that yet.....yet.  I used the Citadel Chaos Black and the new Seer Grey rattle cans to a decent effect, or so I thought.



The Seer Grey made her a little grainy.  A very rough texture to work around/on I have found.  Maybe I didn't shake it enough, or maybe it was slightly to humid.  I"m unsure just yet.  


After this I called her done for the night.  I hope to try to work on her between 30 - 90 minutes a night until complete.  Crossing fingers!!



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My next session working on Mrs. Jones came with skin tones.  I started with the Fair skin triad....only to find out I'm missing the Fair Highlight!!  Luckily for me, Stark Naked was a good fill in.  


The thinned fair skin was a beast to apply.  It was/is really translucent, but it's going well.  I started a little Fair Shadow along the Stage Left side of her face, under the chin, under the Stage Right eye, and in the cleavage.  Followed by a little Stark Naked along the forehead, cheeks, nose, the high points of the fingers, and the mid-bust of the bust.



Getting up close with the camera really shows off the grainy-ness from the Seer Grey rattle can. Had a small accident on her forehead, just between the eyes where I had noticed a small piece of cobweb from the basement (where I was to spray prime it) was in the paint.  I tugged it off, and it took a patch of paint off, all the way to the bare resin!!!  Whoops!!  Quick touch up with a little black primer and re-layered the Fair skin up to match the surrounding areas.  


If Anyone has a trick to reduce the visibility of the grainy texture, I'm all ears/eyes.

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14 minutes ago, Echoside_ said:

The Seer Grey made her a little grainy.  A very rough texture to work around/on I have found. 


If it's grainy to the touch, I would strongly recommend fixing (strip and reprime) before going further. Any early texture is nearly impossible to fix later.


14 minutes ago, Echoside_ said:

Maybe I didn't shake it enough, or maybe it was slightly to humid.  I"m unsure just yet. 


Humidity can be a problem, as can distance from can to figure. If you're too far away, the paint can start to dry before it hits the figure, which will give you a very definite texture. If you're too close, you can get drips (or spider webbing with an airbrush). Figure out your distance with something that isn't the figure first, then use the same distance when painting the figure. Also, you want to use good technique with the spray can: start spraying a bit to one side, sweep across the figure, and only stop when you're completely past the other side.


(I have that figure as well and really like it and the rest from that project. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.)

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you might be able to put a layer of sealer, like a brush-on gloss sealer over top of it. sometimes that is enough to smooth out the texture. try that and put another glaze layer over it to see if it softens. if not, I'd sand/file and repaint.  Many a time have I had to file and repaint... sympathy!

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So the last two posts were my work from the last couple days.  Tonight was a good night behind the brush.  Blocked in lots more colors after deciding on which color pallet to use to compliment the skin!!


I figured I'd take her the way of the "Black Irish".  Super pale skin, stark black hair.  I used the Vallejo German Grey.  It's a great DARK grey almost black.  That way I can add shadows of true black later on.  



I'm hoping to bring a little blue/grey to it to give it a reflective look once I start adding highlights and shadows, but for now I was all about blocking in the colors before I start major details.  


Also started the leather jacket with Vallejo's Leather Brown.  This was another super thinned out color once I started working with it; causing several layers to be employed.  I'm using a 2 drops of paint to 1 drop flow improver (Reaper's) on a wet pallet.


I'm thinking of either a red fox or snow fox fur for the jacket's edging.  I'd be open to other opinions too!!  My next step was to paint the liner in the jacket (which I hope to freehand designer logos in later) and add a splash of color to her via the shirt choice.





Used Reaper Terran Khaki for the jacket liner and Reaper Glacier Blue for the shirt.  I went back and forth for days to pick a color for her shirt.  At one point it was going to be white/sheer, another time I thought a maroon, mauve, even a Dungeon Slime green.  Honestly tho this blue contrasts the warmth coming from the jacket and skin tones, and hopefully will play well with the highlights/tones of the hair.  


Much like the skin tone, and the leather brown, the blue went on EXTERMELY transparent.  I will probably have to go over it again tomorrow or Friday.



12 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:

(I have that figure as well and really like it and the rest from that project. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.)


I really wanted to back their next (current) project as well, but with ReaperCon in the EXTREMELY near future, I couldn't.  Some really good stuff coming from these guys.  


Will be awesome to see your version of this piece sometime too!

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She is coming along nicely... 


Thoughts in regards to grainess besides redoing. Maybe, since going marvel, she could be transitioning similar to Mystique if could incorporate that or could be some scaring if want to go more battle damaged of sorts... just some thoughts. 


Maybe you will finish her in time for Con?? 



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I love the colours.


As for the primer turning grainy, it's up to you of course, but I would start over, grainy paint ruins a bust for me.

I have had this happen, sometimes applying a brush on sealer will obscure it, but a bust is a large scale model.

Would be sad if it stayed grainy.

But that's just my two cents.



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Guess who finally got some painting time in?!?!?


Seriously, I dug my heels in this afternoon, cranked up the tunes and loaded the paintbrush up.  I worked on the details of the bust's shirt, face, and the wear&tear on the jacket mostly.  I tried to highlight and shade the black hair....I not sure I'll do black hair again, but I was able to get some subtle tonal variations into it. 




I used a bit of Reaper Marine Teal for the shirt collar, and Reaper Frost Blue & Vallejo Transparent Blue to highlight/shade the rest of the shirt.  Later pictures will show the short with additional glaze layers of the original Glacier blue to blend things together.  The make-up is Scale75's Negro Grey and Bloodfest Crimson.  I toned the eye make-up down a bit with a hint of the blush pink mix I did for her cheeks later.  Reaper Viper Green for her eyes made things really pop.  I know these eyes are bigger than I usually do, but these are by far the best eyes I've done yet!!




I figured I could try to freehand a "Designer Logo" into her jacket.  Mirror'd C's are a decent logo, right?  Next step was distressing the leather/suede of the jacket.




Used a combination of Vallejo Orange Brown and Cork Brown to add the distressed effect and glazed back over with the original Leather Brown.  Used a bit of Vallejo Chocolate Brown and Reaper Charred Brown as shadows.


For the hair itself I tried to do some tonal differences using a light grey (Vallejo Pale Grey Blue), a dark blue/black (Citadel Incubi Darkness), a true black (Daler Rowney Black Ink), and the glazing of the original German Grey.  Again, it doesn't look very detailed in photos, but in person you can see the subtle tones.




For the fur on the jacket, I mostly kept the Z-primed look with a decent drybrushing of the Pale Grey Blue, and some spotted shades with the black ink. 


Questions, Comments, Concerns, Critiques?  



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I was a dummy. Glut the bust finished and then thought about more WiP pics.  Either way she done and packed away for ReaperCon. A show off thread to come at Con.

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