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Randomness XVI: Brains versus Bleach - an Epic Rap Battle in Iambic Pentameter.

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4 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Stroopwafels- the Universal Peacemaker. ^_^


I very much enjoyed the fact that the Emperor was voiced by Patrick Stewart. ::):

That first dungeon, right outside the prison, and across the water, is surprisingly deadly.

First time I was killed by the bandits before I even entered, pincushioned with arrows.


I'm used to the Raiders in Fallout, just listening to them you know who they are, and that they are bad guys. The bandits in Oblivion were worried because the Emperor is dead, and I didn't even realize they WERE bandits until I became their archery dummy. The lady with the big hammer never even had a chance to reach me before I croaked


Then a moving gratE splatted me, and dragged my corpse around for a while.


Then zombies, twice.


Yikes! You are FRAGILE!


And the world seems BIG!

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1 hour ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

Most of the depictions of Sophie I have seen reflect a more playful and joyful aspect than the pure lustfullness seen in many representations.


Yeah, this is what I want in a Sophie bust too.


47 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Grandma is being operated on right now.

She had an inflammation on her finger, seems like Withlow? And they told her she needed surgery NOW!


My girl's sister and family are with them in the hospital an we're on stand by.

The surgery itself seems to be pretty straightforward and it should be simple enough.

They're keeping her there for the night.


We're waiting for the results.


Yikes! Fingers crossed... Err.. Sending good thoughts your way.


Ended up helping tommy recover what he could from his apartment this afternoon. Currently plant sitting some of his plants. 


Chili came out really good. So dinner will be excellent...

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1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

And one from 3dartdigital, and there will be one from Kimera. Succubi are popular. Even with those options, we need a Sophie! She'd fit the "cheerful" succubus niche!

PIRATE Sophie!


Cheerful pirate AND succubus niches!


Grump has chili on the slow cooker.


He started with dry beans.


It doesn't even SMELL like food yet. ::(:


Three hours to go on cooking.

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Came across the "Warhammer Armies Project" the other day, which updates every army list for a 9th ed. Even armies that never got books, like Albion and Kislev. Haven't really gotten into the crunch of it, but from the look of things it combines every unit from each edition, and consolidates the lore from each edition as well and makes no mention of the End Times. 

Needless to say I've been on a reading binge. 

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Good Morning All!


Happy Monday.  <sigh>


(I do like my work, I just like my cosy home more and getting dressed and all is so much like WORK but thats what pays for the home and the toys)


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6 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:


I very much enjoyed the fact that the Emperor was voiced by Patrick Stewart. ::):


Yea, but he's got like 4 lines and then everyone else in the game were voiced by two or three people. Because it's Bethesda, and that's how they do it. They'll hire one or two people to voice named characters, then they'll just grab a couple interns from the office to voice everyone else. So everyone ends up sounding the same.


Went to the FLGS again today, set up like usual, and got no takers again. Had one guy stop by and show interest, but he said he didn't have time to play today.


A couple other guys that I've talked to in store before, one of which was who I played with last week, we're setting up a game of Star Wars: Outer Rim beside me, so I joined them for a game of that. It was everyone's first time playing, and it was definitely fun.


I was Lando Calrissian, one guy was Boba Fett, and the guy who brought the game was Han Solo. In the end Han was flying Slave I, Boba Fett was flying the Millenium Falcon, and Lando was flying the IG-2000. Boba Fett couldn't win a firefight, and also failed to do the Kessel Run like 4 times. Han couldn't talk his way out of a paper bag. Lando rolled through, saved Princess Leia, blew up 2 Imperial patrols and one of Jabba's patrols, captured 4-LOM and another rogue droid, and won the game by becoming the most notorious scoundrel in the Outer Rim.


It was some good fun, and we were cracking out all sorts of Star Wars jokes as we went. Especially when it came to how the ships ended up going, because how can you be playing Boba Fett while flying the Millenium Falcon, with a bounty to catch Chewbacca, and not make jokes to Han about how the next time he gets on his ship he'll be wiping his feet on a rug of his best friend?

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Found it! $130 from Amazon. Comes with everything to run and stake down and all. I am so incredibly tempted lol. But I have no children and live in the country off the road and won't even be home on Halloween anyway, so there is literally no way I can justify this.


Maybe if I buy it and put it up at my brothers house when he's not home... :rock:

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3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Grandma is being operated on right now.

She had an inflammation on her finger, seems like Withlow? And they told her she needed surgery NOW!


My girl's sister and family are with them in the hospital an we're on stand by.

The surgery itself seems to be pretty straightforward and it should be simple enough.

They're keeping her there for the night.


We're waiting for the results.


Praying here

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1 hour ago, Marvin said:

I saw a giant blow-up black dragon amongst someone's Halloween yard decorations today, and I was immediately filled with an unbearable urge to liberate it. To live at my house instead.


There is a big (like 2 stories tall) Jack Skellington like one down a street near my place. I see it every night I come home from the FLGS

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8 hours ago, PaganMegan said:



I will admit I enjoyed listening to Grump tear apart 4e's math. Skill Challenges for the lose!

I will point out that being able to do basic maths is why I was stuck with the job of keeping the pagan retreat solvent.... (Seriously, Dave has a MBA - how the hell could he not realize that commingling personal and business accounts is a bad idea?) Or maybe it was just having basic common sese that doomed me.


Skill challenges were an interesting idea that had terrible implementation. It suffered badly from the design team's 'It's not combat, so we don't care' focus for the game. They were lazy about their math, and did not proof their concepts.


The Auld Grump

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17 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Median, yes - average, no.


The median is one of three types of average. This is not some random definition, it's basic mathematics. In a normal distribution, the median is precisely equal to the mean (the second type of mathematical average). (The third "average", the mode, isn't useful in this application.)


But since it's clear that you're only interested in a single definition of "average" that has nothing to do with math, and you're apparently unwilling to even grant the existence of the term's first dictionary definition, I'm done with this now.

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Gotta love when I'm making chili and I manage to make it a lot hotter than what I was intending to. As in I'm actually happy about it. It's gonna taste so good, and the extra heat is gonna make for some great chili cheese fries. Because that's honestly what made me want to make chili today. I really want some chili cheese fries...

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      Congratulations, by opening this forum post, you have received a quest!
      This quest is a challenge created by the combined forces of @Sirithiliel the Queen Tiamacrab, a Wizard Most Wild @Pezler the Polychromatic, and myself – @Cyradis the Questgiver.
      The challenge is this! Paint a small dragon, letting the dice control the colors!
      The Rules:
      Post in the WIP Forums “_Your Pseudonym_ is taking the random rainbow dragon challenge!” or “_Your Pseudonym_ has accepted the d20 rainbow dragon quest!” something to that extent.

      Select a figure from one of the following: Stormwing (from Bones III), Kryphrixis (from Bones III), Deathsleet (77110), or Ebonwrath (77102).

      You must select the dragon BEFORE rolling for colors. Take a photo with the figure and a clock as proof of order of operations.  
      Roll for colors! Use a d20 and a photo, or an online dice roller with a screenshot as proof of rolling. Or have a fellow forum dweller vouch for your rolls. Use the Color Chart below to determine what the color is that you rolled. There are three rolls. Below is an online dice roller. Most keyboards have a PRT SCRN button that can take a screenshot for you. Then you can paste the photo into Paint to save. I'm sure there are better methods, but that works for me. 


      The first roll determines what your primary base color is. That must be the dominant color on the figure.

      The second roll determines your secondary color. It should be the second color that catches the eye, and second most prevalent color on the figure.

      The third roll determines your miscellaneous color. This should be most of the accent colors that you use, and third most prevalent color on the figure.

      You might need to order paint or go to the FLGS after rolling if you don’t have a given bottle – we’ll be patient and wait for you. If you can’t get a bottle of one of these colors, here is a spreadsheet with equivalent colors from different brands. If you really can't get them, use the closest thing you got to your rolls (let us know what they are please). 

      Reaper #
      Color Name
      Color Description
      Fire Red
      Bright red
      Clotted Red
      Dull red
      Lava Orange
      Volcanic orange
      Orange Brown
      Dull orange
      Lemon Yellow
      Bright yellow
      Brilliant green
      Bright green
      Olive Green
      Olive dull green
      True Blue
      Bright blue
      Heather Blue
      Dull light blue
      Imperial Purple
      Deep purple
      Violet Red
      A very misnamed color; somewhere between burgundy and magenta. Not violet.
      Blush Pink
      Very pink
      Earth Brown
      Generic brown
      Terran Khaki
      Light brown
      Mint Green
      Bright pastel green
      Cloudy Grey
      Generic grey
      Marine Teal
      Teal, blueish
      Palomino Gold
      Earthy gold yellow
      Pure Black
      Super black. Critical threat!
      Pure White
      Super white. Critical threat!
      You are allowed to use whatever colors to shade and highlight that you want, as long as the rolled colors are obvious visually.* Example: you can shade a red dragon with purple, brown, or black, but it must always appear as a red dragon. A white dragon shaded with grey must appear as a white dragon, not a grey dragon.   
      You are allowed to use colors outside the ones that you rolled, but they must not take up more visual surface area than any of the others.** Example: your pink, green, and gray dragon is allowed to have bone-beige teeth.  
      The proportions of color on the figure can be however you want, as long as the 1st roll is dominant, 2nd is less, 3rd is less, and anything else smaller. Example: 70% pink, 15% green, 10% gray, and 5% anything else. Or it could be 50% pink, 25% green, 15% grey, and 10% anything else. The tidbit colors are fine wherever, as long as they are minor. 
        Paint your dragon according to the rolls plus your tidbits. Even if it is outrageous. The goal is to make the dragon look as awesome as possible without the benefit of planning color themes. You can add spots, stripes, eye-spots like moths have, or nothing. This is the base challenge. 
        Star 1* You may decide after your initial three rolls to limit your shading colors to your rolled colors mixed with pure black and white. You may still use tidbit colors. Declare this if you go for a Star 1 challenge!
        Star 2** You may decide after your initial three rolls to not use colors outside of your rolled ones and shading colors (so no tidbits like beige teeth, only 3 visual colors shaded however you want). Declare this if you go for a Star 2 challenge!
        Star 3*** You may decide to do both the Star 1 and Star 2 challenges, using absolutely nothing but your three rolled colors, plus black and white for shading. If you do this, you are allowed to use the white for areas like teeth and eyes that could be really weird otherwise (or not - up to you). Effectively, you have 5 colors to work with only, and three of them must be the majority (in decreasing order of prevalence). You gotta be nuts!
        There is no time limit on this. However, if the WIP photos stop showing up at a normal rate and there’s never a Show Off thread, the forum dwellers may gently poke fun at you for adding this to your Shelf of Shame.
        Post to the Show Off forums with a “_Your Pseudonym_ has completed the random rainbow dragon challenge!” sort of title upon completion. Brag about your awesome (or hilarious) dragon. Win all the internet-points. Receive experience and praise. Thus shall end the quest.
        Once the first Random Rainbow Dragon has been completed, we will start up a group Show Off thread to compile all of the dragons in a great flock of rainbowy goodness.   
      Current WIP List (started thanks to @Evilhalfling.) 
      Little Bluberry
      Paradoxical Mouse
      Darsc Zacal
      Cranky Dog
      Phoenix Rising
      Thes Hunter
      Invisible Thumb
      Eldamir v2
      midshipmaneasy v2
      Sophie was taken
      Xiwo Xerase
      WhiteWulfe & RuneLyall
    • By WhiteWulfe
      After seeing my first thread on it (I think it was @Glitterwolf's thread for such an honour) my first thought was pretty much "that looks like a LOT of fun", followed closely by "but I've never painted anything other than a few Space Marines!".  Yeah, well, challenge accepted, because I kind of fell in love with how Ebonwrath looks.
      Yup, I'm going into this technically with very little skill in painting, but while I'm waiting for Ebonwrath (and some gnolls and paint, gnolls are the honour guard for the paint, I swear) I'll have both of the learn to paint kits to work through, and assuming everything pans out (aka assuming I filled out my Canada Post FlexDelivery stuff correctly) I'll be picking those up after work today, and then about a week and a half (ish) later Ebonwrath will be in.  Seems like a semi-insane thing to do, dive right into painting a dragon when you originally were getting paints to steadily work on your WH40k Catachans army (and Skaven, sooooo many Skaven o_O ), but I figure why not have fun with life.  Besides, what better to put all the new skills the LTPK's are designed to help you get a baseline grasp on than a gigantic dragon of cuddles DOOOOOOOM that, in my eyes at least, can be bribed with cookies.
      Some say I'm insane, I say to be a good delivery driver you need just enough insanity...  Not enough to pass the entrance exams, but enough to be perfectly fine wearing shorts in -5C weather.  :P
      Anyways, onto the rolls!

      I wound up rolling 14, 19, and 3....  So Terran Khaki as the main, Pure Black as the secondary colour, and Lava Orange as a highlight.  Well now, that's an interesting mix in my eyes.  I'm not quite certain as to how this mix will pan out, but on the flipside I chose to dive into this headfirst, so I'm also going to give it a whirl as a full on three star challenge.  I'm actually kind of liking the sound of these colours, as I've had a number of different design possibilities come to mind already!

      Obviously, given the current promo and Rictus seeming like a nice and dedicated, honourable skeleton, I had to get a few other items into the cart for free shipping (plus a free skeleton!), and for someone to keep the gnolls in check while Ebonwrath is napping away in it's blister pack.  Can't let the gnolls steal the cookies after all.  Pure Black is included in one of the Learn To Paint Kits, so I didn't add it into the order from Reaper.
      Here's hoping I won't have to make too too much room in my gaming area to work on Ebonwrath ^_^;;;;; (since it's still another two months before I can get a dedicated miniatures area set up, but man am I looking forward to such!)
      EDIT (Jan 7th @ 15:44 MST): Totally forgot to add this in...  For additional information regarding the rainbow dragon challenge, here's the main thread for it!
      (end edit)
    • By Inarah
      Link to original challenge: 
      I don't have any of the dragons selected for the challenge. I do have the dracolisk, https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/basilisk/latest/77379
      So I'm painting that. 
      Die roll, 13, 18, 2.  Earth brown, palomino gold, clotted red.   Good colors.  I don't have the Earth or Clotted Red but can approximate. 
      Baby needs a bath first. 
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